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You Gotta Have...FAITH...Gratitude Day 7

Choose you this day whom you will serve; 
as for me and my house, 
we will serve the Lord. Joshua 24:15
On my seventh day of gratitude, I am SO thankful
for my faith
Simply put, it is hard for me to imagine how
people get through 
each and every day
without God.
As I get older I see more and more 
how He works in my life.
Without a doubt, my faith is most important to me.
What better day to write about faith than on my first
Sunday of gratitude, 
but it is each and every day that I am forever grateful.


  1. Anonymous11/08/2010

    So well said, I often say to hubby, what do people do who don't have faith. He's my rock and my foundation. Can I just tell you that you look so beautiful in your suit, that is the most awesome color on you and I love that beautiful church.


  2. Anonymous11/08/2010

    You should have a picture of your own church, too. You know, the one where you grew up, met the Lord, had Godly women in your life demonstrating what being a Christian, mother and wife is all about.
    Just sayin'.


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