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The Cow Barn..??...??...??

You've seen many times my love
for all things
From tablescapes and dishes
to paintings and carvings...
I love cows.
Several of my favorite cows sat atop
this cabinet.
Appropriately, it was painted
barn red and
looked like it could be a
cow barn.
Up until last week...
when I changed it.
I thought the look was very dated,
not to mention
the wear and tear on the piece
was quite obvious.
Since I still loved the piece
I decided to just transform it
chalk paint.
I used
Old White
right on top of
the barn red it was already painted.

I also only used one coat of
Old White,
preferring the look
of the barn red
peeking through here and there.
I added the clear wax
then distressed.
I then added the
dark wax.
I took the doors off
and the drawer out
to paint.
I left the insides the barn red.
I love the outcome.
I restained the top
and buffed the entire piece.
It now looks .....
well like a new barn!
I need to get new knobs
but I have not found the ones I want.
I actually don't know what I want,
but I know that I'll know when I see them.
(Did you get all that?)
Until then..
the cows have a lovely new (old) barn.
till the cows come home!


  1. I love your cabinet and your cows. Take a look at my blog if you have a minute and see the bull I rescued from the Goodwill bin. http://kinserhome.blogspot.com/2011/06/where-is-herley-now.html

    So nice to visit with you.

  2. I love your cow picture its awesome Frances

  3. Oh, this is fabulous! Great makeover, and great "vignette."

  4. that looks awesome!! i love the color and how you distressed it!!!

  5. Love your Old White and barn red barn! We are cow crazy here too.

  6. Love those cow pictures. I have some in the same series. Your 'barn' looks great. Have a lovely Sunday!

  7. Wow! Your cabinet looks amazing! Such a pretty place to prop your cows up!


  8. I love cows, too. And the cabinet looks great - wonderful new color! Linda

  9. I have a cow painting, too, but she doesn't have such a good looking barn as yours. Love the redo.

  10. Wow, it looks so much better. The top of that looks so new and pretty!

  11. Love this piece. I have a red hutch I am going to paint over with old white or old ochre. You have shown me how good it can look. Love your cow canvases, too. Thanks for joining WUW.

  12. I seriously need these cow photos. My husband is a rancher and the love of his life is cows (besides me of course! hehe). Can't wait to look around your blog :)

    Coley at

  13. Really love the new look! Great idea to leave the inside red!

  14. Over from WUW. Love the table and the cows. Perfect

  15. I love it and the cows! Honestly this looks great,good job.

  16. Your cabinet turned out just wonderful! I think letting the red show through was a good idea. I have yet to begin my projects w/the chalk paint. Love the cow canvas, too. Can you share its source? Visiting from WUW.
    ~ Sue

  17. This looks fabulous!! I LOVE the "barn" but I also love your cow art!! LOVE IT! Did you paint them?

    I just found you and am a new follower :)

    Lou Cinda

  18. Looove it, the transformation is wonderful! I also love your large cow painting, your whole vignette is perfect! Thanks for sharing! Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs

  19. your piece looks fabulous!!
    may i ask...did you paint the giant cow painting? i love it!
    or can you share where you found it?


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