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What do Butterflies, Lazy Dogs and Pottery Barn have in common?

 I LOVE it when I am so Pottery Barnesque waaaaaaaaaaaay before Pottery Barn knew what was popular. 'Ya know what I mean?
 Pottery Barn has the above pillow cover (cover only) in their spring and summer catalog for $49. Cute as a cacoon, wouldn't you say?
But I have had a very similar pillow for years. And years. Like since the 1970's.
 Can you see it???? Dang those lazy dogs! They don't even realize they are sleeping right on top of my Pottery Barn look-a-like.
There you go....
At least Ike understood and moved
off his favorite chair.
Abe doesn't seem to get the
importance of "keeping up with Pottery Barn".
Or maybe he just wants PB
to feature some dogs...(lazy dogs)....
My butterfly pillow is a
needlepoint version.
It was handstiched by my great-aunt
Leeta Mae
years ago.
I have a couple of butterfly pieces she
so beautifully needlepointed.
In my mind, mine is worth much more than

PB's are a screened on version.
I think they are meant to look

I'll keep my own
Leeta Mae version...
(needlepointed sometime in the late (gasp!) '70's!
And I'll keep those lazy dogs too!
(By the way, this last picture is not blurry. Your eyes are just tired.)

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  1. Hey my summer lovin friend, how the heck are ya?
    I am loving your new house and can't wait to see more, more, more and yes you are on the cutting edge. Pottery Barn needs to follow your lead:)



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