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Whooooo wants to know?????????

Whoooo wants to know?  Well we all wanted to know! 
Last weekend we held our first big party in our new (old) home. And it could not have been for a more special occasion.  You see, it was a Gender Reveal Party for Fielding (our oldest son) and Kelly (his sweet wife) and their 

It was so much fun! We had owls everywhere. We sent out "Whoooooo wants to know?" invitations that promised the party would "Be a Hoot!"  And it was! We had over 35 people attend. We had a Soup Buffet set up with five types of soup, along with every type of bread, muffin and cheese one could think of.

But the highlight of the day was the cutting of the cake.  We found a fantastic baker who made the cake look exactly like the invitation. Not only was it the Cutest Cake Ever, but it also tasted absolutely delicious. Although it only looks like a sheet cake, it was actually a layered sheet cake.  The color of the icing between layers would tell us whether the baby (due March 23rd) is going to be a boy or a girl.

There were owls everywhere. They were on the mantel and on the banner that swagged the fireplace.
They all kept asking us "Whoooo wants to know?"  But we had to wait until everyone was through with lunch before we could cut into the cake.
The waiting was not as bad as I had anticipated, since we had so many people throughout the house.
We had fun visiting .......and of course watching our Sooners play football on TV.

Believe it or not, I found these plates and napkins after we had sent out the invitations. Not only did they match extremely well, they also had our "Hoot Hoot" theme on them! One of my daughters made the cute glittered "baby Lucas" letters.

Not only did I find the plates, napkins and cups, but the ensemble also had these great spiral streamers with them.......AND in blue and pink. Could I have been more lucky?
I hung the spirally delights from every chandelier in the house, as well as several bookshelves. They were everywhere and added to the festive afternoon.

Hoot. Hoot. These owls are even winking like they KNOW the color of the icing........!!
But perhaps one of my favorite parts of the party was the Guessing Tree.  As guests arrived they were instructed to take an owl tag of the color they thought the baby would be. Obviously we had blue and pink. I also threw in some pale yellow for those that just could not decide. Just for the record, blue was the big winner.
Then the guests had to "suggest" a name for the baby on the back. We had several cute names, some funny ones.....and some that suggested they REALLY wanted the baby named after them!!!
Also everyone signed their tag, so these cute little cards became a guest-book of sorts. We read all the name suggestions before we cut the cake, and we tallied the boy vs. girl score.  After the party was over, I had a cute little photo album (that I failed to take a picture of),  and we taped all these tags, a napkin and a spirally owl inside. Now I just need to print off the pictures and give them to the happy-parents-to-be.
This was my guess and name suggestion. (Just saying!!!!!)
At the top of the twig Guessing Tree, I put the cutest, softest little owl hat I ordered for the baby off of Etsy. I bought white so it would go with either gender. I thought when I bought it that if it was a girl I would make a white tutu for a newborn picture with the hat. If it was a boy, I would just keep the diaper. Really though, isn't the hat just adorable?
We also had sonogram pictures of the baby on display......(minus the revealing one). It was safely tucked away in an envelope that only the cake baker had seen. I made my daughter wrap it up as a present when we got it back from the baker so that we would not cheat and look!! In this picture you can also see the owl "confetti" that we had throughout the house, on the tables, serving stations, food tables, etc.
My daughter that made the letters also made a diaper cake with an owl book on top. It is not an understatement when I say we had owls everywhere! I think this book said "Whoooo loves you?"
My daughter also found burp rags with owls on them. Honestly, I did not even like owls (well I could take them or leave them)  till I began buying and decorating for this party. Now I think they are just adorable!

This is some of the confetti I used. It was about the size of a silver dollar.

Some more of my confetti. This was about the size of a quarter. We glued a collage of the confetti to the front of the "memory" book that held all the guesses (and pictures when I print them off!!)
FINALLY!!! It was time to cut into the cake.  Kelly cut the cake and before she could even put the first piece on the plate, she and Fielding both looked down at the knife and you can see their expressions...
   HOT PINK!!!
And with that, we were all "tickled pink" that we are getting a little girl!  It was such a fun party to give..........and I anticipate many more for a sweet little girl.
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  1. Well that has to be the most fun idea ever. What a great party and you guys really took it all the way.
    Job very well done.

  2. This is one of the cutest ideas ever and the details were marvelous!! I love it, and a big old PINK congratulaitons to the whole family!

  3. Congratulations!!!!
    We are adding another boy to our collection at the Ragsdale's. Ryan and Amber are having a boy.
    I think the Ragsdale men are missing the girl gene! Oh well. I LOVE boys

  4. That is the best story ever! What a fun way to find out. When my sister in law was pregnant with twins a few years ago they wrapped two gifts for my kids to open to find out what they were having. It turned out to be a boy and a girl. Your idea tops theres big time.

  5. What a cute idea! When I saw the owls, I started hooting! I am obsessed with owls :-) Great party!

  6. I love that cake. Congrats to your son and his wife.

  7. Congratulations, what a darling why to announce what your new grand baby was going to be. Best wishes!

  8. What a darling celebration. How fun --- LOVE the owls.

  9. That turned out well. I read on another blog that the baker forgot to make the cake batter pink or blue, so when they cut into it, it was plain. Fortunately, fun was had by all and they did find out, but I can't remember that part. Hope they have a healthy little baby (owl)!
    Beckie in Brentwood, TN

  10. Your party tops them all ! What a darling idea to introduce family and friend to the baby on the way! It would be impossible to tell you every thing that I loved.....loved it all. I especially did adore the Guessing Tree and the owls were darling. Start making that newborn tutu, "Grandmother"......and by the way, I am truly happy for you. Being a "Granna" is wonderful!!

  11. What a wonderful excuse for a party! I just love this! You did such a great job. Every little detail is so wonderful. This is a day that all will remember and won't your grandbaby love seeing the first time everyone learned that she was a girl! Inspiring!

  12. I love this post...such a fun and cute party! Thanks for sharing all the wonderful photos! The owl's are adorable and that cake looks so delicious! Girls are so much fun...congratulations to your Son and Daughter in Law!!

    Rachel :)

  13. This is the cutest idea EVER for a party and your owls (I've been terrified of owls since watching the movie The Fourth Kind) are so adorable and cheerful! Big congrats to all of you on a baby girl arriving in March! LOVE the owl hat--she will look so sweet!

  14. This is the most adorable idea I've seen...everything is so cute and so clever. Do they have a name? Was it one of the suggestions?

    Best wishes to the new parents and to you too!!!

  15. Sunday at church, I heard you were having a granddaughter. (Can you guess who told me? LOL) Congratulations!
    BTW: Have you picked your "grand" names yet? My sibs lean toward being Grandmommy, so we already have two or three. (Debbie and Cindy.)
    WHOO will you be?

  16. Fantastic party decorations! Congratulations on being Grandma to a new baby girl!



  17. wow, you went all out! i can't even imagine what the shower will be like!

    i love all the personal touches, and the guessing tree topped with that hat is adorable. love it all!

  18. What a cute way to announce the new bundle of love! Great decorations...the cake was adorable.

  19. What a wonderful idea. It's great how everything came together so perfectly and in such an adorable way. I just found your blog through Sweet Cottage Dreams and am your newest follower. I look forward to watching you put your new "old" house together. Patty

  20. The theme and decorations are adorable! I just love the cake and all the cute owl things. Congrats to your daughter and son-in-law. Thanks for linking to the Open House Party.

  21. I love these invitations. Where did you find them? I would love to buy these for our reveal party in December.

  22. I would also like to know how to find these adorable invitations!


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