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JOHNny - come - lately!

As promised...............

The bathroom reveal......

To appreciate this modest bathroom, you have to first absorb the "before " pictures.
Secondly, you have to know that we spent less than $400.00 on the entire remodel.
Thirdly, you have to know that it is the "boys" bathroom at our house!
For any of you that have a house full of males, you KNOW how nice it is to have a "boys" bathroom.

Yes. I hear you gasping. This was the before. Truly. And I gave the "pinkish/pukish/purplish" bathroom to the boys! ha!  This is how the bathroom looked when we were looking at the house.  See that sign on the back of the tub?  That is the government agency that is over foreclosures assuring prospective buyers that the house had been "winterized" (There were many of these signs throughout the house)...................WHEN in fact, it had not.  The plumbing lines all froze during the winter and when we turned on the water during inspection
we had water coming through the walls and ceiling the room next to this.  Weirdly enough, those "We have winterized" signs "disappeared" by our next visit!!!!....Hmmmmm.
Really. Have you ever seen an uglier bathroom?

Wait. That's not all. Look at this!

Not only did the bathroom sport the
it had TWO of these wires sticking out of the wall.
On each side of the invisible mirror!
AND the wires were live. In a bathroom. Beside water!

We bought two of these nickle and frosted glass sconces
at Lowe's on clearance. They were $12 each. My hubby put them up before there were any accidents!

Wait! There is more.

This was the groovy floor that went with the groovy
walls and groovalicious tub and sink.
It is now.....

Ahh. SO much better. We (my Hubby and youngest son) put in a laminate floor.  They first filled in all those grooves between the (not-so-groovy-tile). They let that dry over night, then they laid the laminate right over the top. It has worked out great and it cleans up very easy. The rug is a runner from JCP that I had bought considering it for the stairs. I decided it matched the bathroom exactly and put it in there.
Somehow, in the midst of all the beauty of the "before" bathroom, I did not get a picture of the ceiling. It was painted black. Who knows why....And there was a single lightbulb coming out of the black ceiling. Now it looks like..

We painted the ceiling the same color as the walls. Because it was over the black, the blue looks a shade lighter, which looks like we planned it! I got the silver and frosted glass pendant light at Lowe's for $32. It was not on sale, but I thought it was a great price.

We got the vanity, the vanity top, the sink and the mirror on sale for $179.00....It was a package deal. We walked in to Home Depot one day looking for shades and I saw this as soon as I walked in. I knew it was what I wanted. The vanity is a dark chocolate like we are using throughout the house. It just so happened that Home Depot was out of them (of course they were at that price!!)  I asked if we could by the floor model and they reluctantly agreed. Then I kindly asked if we got a discount since it was a floor model and they gave me 10% off. They ended giving us 15% off of $179.00, so our final bill was $152.00. It reminded me somewhat of this one...
Except, this one, while the same size, has an open shelf on the bottom. Plus....a tiny other difference.....Pottery Barn is charging $1899.00. Plus the faucet is $300-$400 (depending on which one you pick out). Our faucet was $79.00 from Lowe's. It was also very Pottery Barnesque and....on sale! Oh, and Pottery Barn's mirror is bought separately for the low, low price of $299.00.

Did you notice the bathtub in the pics?  Well, if we got rid of the pinkish/pukish/purplish sink, we were not going to keep the tub that color!

Actually, the paint for the tub was the only item we bought that was not on sale or a good deal. It was about $40 for a quart size can. BUT it is the only paint on the market that covers ugly-colored-bathroom-fixtures. So we consider it worth it. Beware though if you are going to try this. The smell is VERY strong and it is a four-day-no-use process. It covered well (4 coats later) and is holding up well. One would never know the real color of the tub if I did not show you the before pics! Eventually we want to tear the whole tub wall out and put in a  walk-in glass shower with glass tile. That is down the road though.
The wall paint is an "OOPS" color. I got a gallon of it for $5.00 at Lowes. I love the color. Wish I knew what it was!!

The saddle soap was mine for my horses when I was little. The boot was my Hubby's when he was little,
and he kept pennies in it in his room.

This was the poster celebrating Oklahoma's 100th birthday. It depicts scenes from across Oklahoma.

Everything in the bathroom has to do with Oklahoma. We already had all of it and I think the bright colors work great for the male bathroom!

Hope you enjoyed the tour of our "John"ny-come-lately. I am not use to letting people 'tour' the loo! Well we've got about ten (at least) projects to finish before Thanksgiving when we are hosting both sides of our families. We need to get rocking!

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  1. Nice redo and an even nicer budget!

  2. Amazing makeover . . . well done! Love the theme decor!

  3. WOW!!! You guys did a great job! Love the vanity! I also got a $5 oops paint at Lowes that is that same color and it is in my bathroom too:)

  4. That is one great transformation. I love that oops color. Show us more house pics please!!

  5. Wow, that's quite a transformation. You really scored some fantastic bargains. Well done!

  6. Fabulous remodel! Great choice of flooring and vanity. Well done. I'm impressed that you got such a great look for such a low price. Well done!

  7. Your bathroom makeover looks outstanding and oh soooo THRIFTY!!!! I need a new vanity at my beach condo and I love yours...gotta check at HD to see if they still have some.


  8. Well, shazam! That's wonderful. I love it, especially all your attention to detail. I have been putting lipstick on some bathroomm pigs around here (your last post)since we moved it. Maybe 2012 is the year to really change them.

  9. that is an awesome "oops" color! And the vanity is a steal! I'd expect to pay more than you paid for the whole job just for that counter top!

  10. Amazing make-over for a great price! Love the vanity, the floor and the paint color, you did an awesome job on this!

  11. Amazing! I can't believe how ugly the 'before' is. It makes your 'after' look even more spectacular. Great job, especially on such a great budget! ~Rachel

  12. You did a fabulous job and really found some great deals! Beautiful!

  13. Kennedy's Mom11/23/2011

    You did an awesome job on that bathroom!! And the budget makes it over-the-top fantastic:) We're remodeling our new home and I have four bathrooms similar to yours that need the same kind of help. How you found that vanity amazes me. Want to come help at my house??

  14. Love the vanity, and I'm so sad that it was the last one! I want it! :)


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