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Putting Lipstick on a Pig!

My name is Lori and I have an ugly kitchen. Admitting it is the first step in conquering it right?

Do not let this picture mislead you. My kitchen is ugly. There is no getting around it.

This is the kitchen when we bought it. Notice the big gaping hole where a dishwasher is supposed to go?
That (small and ugly) sink is the only "appliance" that came with the kitchen.

As you can see, it is a huge room. A huge empty room. A huge empty room with huge windows! If you are a regular reader then you know we went the entire summer and into fall without a stove or oven. We used a small fridge that we had previously kept in our garage. We have since bought all new appliances. Just having a stove and nice appliances has been wonderful. We still have to get a new sink.....and cabinets.

In the meantime, I just keep "putting lipstick on the pig" .....so to speak. I took the (ugly) cabinet doors off of a set of the upper cabinets and (tried) to arrange our everyday dishes kindacutesy. This is the summer version.  So now that it is fall, I put a new shade of lipstick on the darned pig.

The funny thing was, when we first looked at the house, I came away saying, "Well we will have to put in a brand new kitchen before we even move in."  Then the more I looked at the house and (bare) kitchen with all its big windows and doorways I thought maybe I needed to "live" with the kitchen a while so I would know how I "really" wanted it.

I still think that was a pretty wise move, for several reasons: First, when we do our house projects, we always 'pay as we go'. So we are going to have to save up for any decent kind of kitchen. Those new appliances were a chunk of change, so we are back to square one.

Secondly, I keep changing my mind!  I must have figured out the 'perfect kitchen' at least a dozen times!

At then end of summer we bought a neat old cabinet that we were going to make into a big island. We have lived with that for a couple of months now and changed our mind on its purpose and color ......uhm....I'd say at least four dozen times.

Then tonight I bought a different island. The "new" one is all buff and industrial, made out of pipe and stainless and thick butcher block.

This is so unlike me. Usually I know what I want and I set a path a-blazin' till I get it! Not know..... In the meantime, I just keep adding (oh-so-lovely) kitchen pictures to my Pinterest. (Go by and check it out.........and give me some advice!!)

I bought a new (old big and tin) sign for my kitchen tonight too. I am hoping it will help me make some final decisions! (Don't you just love Craigslist?  And Pinterest?) ........ In the meantime, this pig is squealing! Piggy wants to know what the deal is with all this lipstick!!!

And until I decide, there will be more lipstick. (I can already tell you there will be red 'lipstick' in this cabinet in just two weeks.) A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do to make her spaces liveable!

I will take some pictures and show you Island 1 and Island 2....and of course the new appliances. I haven't forgotten about the bathroom pics I promised as well. It's a-coming! Does anyone else have an ugly pig that you just keep putting lipstick on?  ....Or am I the only one?

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  2. So funny! I know exactly what you mean about putting lipstick on a pig. My whole house needs to be gutted and re-done, but that's going to take 10 years or so I'm sure, so in the mean time, I just keep decorating away like I love it.

  3. Anonymous11/14/2011

    The floor looks good,& that is a nice window for light. At least when you get the rest done, it will be what you want.

  4. ACK! I'm standing in the cosmetic counter right along side of you. I have been "in the process" with my own kitchen for this entire year. I have yet to finish. And my living room? Yeah... lipstick.

    Now my den is beyond cosmetic improvement. That little piggy needs a plastic surgeon.

    I love your open cabinets by the way. I want to have the courage to do that, and I'm just paralyzed. Of course...

  5. Aw crap. I really thought I was going to see someone putting lipstick on a real pig. I have never seen that before.
    I usually go with the flow when I do a project. I have something in mind but when I reach a hurdle I can change my direction quickly and end up loving my end product.
    That being said there are certain points that I don't compromise on and I also am always glad that I stuck to my guns for them.
    When I work with a contractor on something if they try to push me away from my sticking points then they are not the one for me to work with and I find someone else. They usually want me to change something because it is not the easy way. Too bad.

  6. Oh Lori, you are killing me over here today!! I think you did a great job displaying your dishes, there is definitely an art to it and you accomplished it!! I can't tell you how many tubes of lipstick I've gone through in my house. Your huge kitchen is fabulous. Mine is soooo small but hey you use what you have right and you just keep puttin lipstick on it. Speaking of lipstick, I need a new shade:) You made my day!


  7. Anonymous11/29/2011

    I have a pig that was born in 1950!! It has warped plywood doors on the kitchen cabs.
    How much lipstick do you think I would need??
    Love your blog...it is one of the highlights of my day when you post!!
    Blessings to you and yours,


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