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New Years Glamour on the Mantel

 Did you see my post from a couple of days ago when I showed you how to set a great New Years tablescape on a slim budget? Well I've moved the same elements to the fireplace. 
 Many people might not want to host a formal sit down dinner. Or they might have too many people for a decorated table. This mantelscape lets everyone enjoy the same elements, just on a different level. 
 I literally moved the decorations from the table, into the living room and on  the mantel. (Hello me, mirror-photobomber.) 
I did add a little Christmas tinsel to the mantel. I only put a small piece in the middle.

 Depending upon the size of your mantel, you might have to take some of your table elements away, or add a few, such as I did with the damask-like candles. My mantel is almost 8 feet long. It take a lot to cover it. 
 I still love the idea of a clock or clocks as the focal point of New Years decor. I have seen pictures where people had multiple clocks on the mantel. I love that idea too, but I just don't have that many cool clocks. (But I sure wish I did!!) 
 I took all these pictures at night. Some with the lights on, and some with just the candlelight of the mantel. That way it would give you an idea of how things would look during a real New Years party. Keep that in mind when decorating! 
 You want to be able to enjoy the beauty of your hard work in the dim light as well! 
 I used candle votives of different sizes and textures to put some of the Christmas bulbs on. I didn't want them all sitting at the same height! 
 I even pulled out some crystal salt-cellars to use to hold Christmas bulbs. (Do you know what a salt-cellar is?) 
 Unintentional decorating tip (especially using candles). Put your candles in front of a mirror and get twice the beauty!!  (Unintentional because the gianormous mirror came with the house and I have a love/hate relationship with it!!  Tonight it is a love relationship!) 

 See what I mean? 

 See how I have used the same elements, just in a different place? I even used the curly tree ornaments and clipped them on to a little stand that is holding some round ornaments. 
 Look at all those candles!!! (But you know the secret now!) 

 I think the key to this (cheap) glamour is concentrating on three (or four) colors and using many different shapes and textures in those color wheels. It just makes it interesting and fun. 

 Time's a wastin'!  Have you gone after-Christmas shopping or gone through your Christmas bins?  Just look at the fun you can have! 
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Auld Lang Syne in Silver and Gold

 Let's pretend: You want to throw a  New Years party but you spent way too much at Christmas so you have no decorations for a New Years tablescape. I've come to your rescue. Before you load up all that Christmas/holiday stuff back into the plastic bins, take a look at what you have.  
 You are bound to find a few treasures in that trove! Let's pretend again that you found a few but you need some additional help. Once again, I've come to your rescue. 
 Every single item on this (faux) glam tablescape was bought at rock-bottom prices except for the big clock platter in the middle. That was gifted to me several years ago by my oldest son and his wife. I have used it in many tablescapes and mantelscapes since receiving it. 
 Let me give you the low-down on recreating this table at a very low price so you too can throw your own dinner party. 
 I numbered some of the key elements in this tablescape and I will share with you how to recreate your own. 
Number 1 are the three tiered cake stands. My mom bought me the set of three cakestands (complete with glass domes which I took off for the tablescape) for $2 each at a garage sale one of her friends was throwing. I use them in many ways besides holding food. This is one way. I know that places like Wal Mart and Target sell these sets frequently during the holidays for a pretty good deal. If you can't find them you can recreate the idea of a glass candlestick and glass plate from the dollar store. Buy your candlesticks at different heights for added drama. (Be sure and glue them together with E6000 glue!!) 

 Once you have your glass tiers (or cakestands) fill them up with silver, gold, white or pearlized ornaments from Christmas. That's why I said you might find many treasures in your Christmas trove!!
 As you can see, I spent $1.24 on each box of ornaments. I think there were 20 ornaments in each box. They come in various finishes (glitter, shiny, matte) so when all clumped together they look great. And honestly, they don't look like $1.24 (x2).  But of course I am so proud of my bargain that I have to share. There are all kinds and colors of these ornaments left on shelves right now just waiting to be purchased!
 See how they look with candlelight? (Sigh)
 Here you can see some of the various colors and textures that are thrown together. 
 Next I used a (well used...and I should probably spring for a new one) party hat. As long as it doesn't have the year, you can use it from year to year. I just layered it on top of the giant clock plate for the center of the table. I added a few ornament balls around it as well. 
 Those hats can also be bought for a dollar (or under). It would be cute to have some of those party blow horns too, but I didn't have any, so I only went with what I had. Feel free to add those freely across the table. (Or at least at every place setting). 
 I had a Happy New Years "necklace" in silver too, so I strung it across the cakestands. I used several of these in the cakestands. 
 The fourth arrow in the pic (several above) points to the crystal wreath that the clock plate sits on. In reality it too is a Christmas wreath. Since it is faux crystal, I thought it lent it self well to the table. After I put it in the middle of the table, I put a glass cakestand in the middle of the wreath for the clock plate to sit evenly on. If you look closely you can see that. Again,  you can improvise here. If you don't happen to have a crystal wreath, you could take a green wreath left over from Christmas and spray paint it whatever color you want. Or you could use fake snow on it and make it all white. Or one of those wreaths made from the ornaments would work out great too. (Buy more ornaments and make a centerpiece wreath!) 
 This wreath tends to shed "crystals" so I there have been many Christmases I never even get it out. It works out great for the tablescape though! You always have to be thinking outside of the norm!!!
 The fifth arrows point to a curly-cue clipped to the head of every plate. I bought these in the Christmas tree ornament section at Wal-Mart after Christmas for 25 cents each. I thought they would be cute as napkin rings. In this case I put my napkins in the glasses, so I just clipped these on to the top of the chargers for extra sparkle and pizazz. I could have actually used them for name tags for the place settings.
 Go out now and look for those after Christmas ornament bargains! When I saw the little clip on these I knew they could be used for many tablescapes! I have these stored with my napkin rings by the way. They have never seen a tree branch!!
 The napkins I picked up for cents (again after Christmas) when I lived in Kansas, so I have had these for a while. I thought the silver circles went well with the whole tablescape theme of the circular clock, the round cakestands, the round ornaments, the round votive holders, plates, etc. I doubt anyone else picks up on the idea, but it makes me happy to think of this concentric table. I know there is that cute burlap with gold circles fabric that would be cute in this tablescape to recreate. 
 The chargers were under 50 cents at Wal Mart. Also after Christmas. 
 I used various white plates throughout the tablescape as well. Some had a silver rim and some were just old ironstone. It all works. 
 In the arrow picture, I put an arrow on the votive candle, but I forgot to number it. I picked up these white votives at Tuesday morning several years ago. They have a gold glittery inside, so that when they are lit, they shine a bright gold. Again, something that could be replicated easily. (Be safe if you are using real candles.) 

 In addition to all the above hoopla, I added all sizes and kinds of crystal and very faux crystal candle holders. I sat some on the cakestands and the others around the table. I used silver, gold and white candles in the candlesticks. The tablecloth I used was a creamy colored one with silver threads that run through it. You guessed it, bought at an after Christmas sale at Target. 
 I chose to put the napkins in the glasses for added height at the table. They could easily be tucked under the silverware or on the plate as well. To each her own! 

 I hope I have inspired you to either look through the things you have and/or to hit those after-Christmas sales! 
 I took pictures both at night and during the day and the table looked equally as pretty in both settings. That is just what I was looking for! 

Here's to a brand new year, 2014, however you choose to celebrate it!


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