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 I do not do Black Friday. Except*. (You knew there would be an *, right?)  You'll probably understand. I can't' wait to shop Black Friday for the poinsettias at Lowe's and Home Depot. They are 99 cents. You can't beat that. I buy en masse. As in a couple of dozen...or more. But when those .99 cent poinsettias are grouped together, just look at what you get!
 With enmassiveness (new word) in mind, I pulled out my Grammie's old poinsettia tablecloth. I have had the tablecloth pulled out for several years anyway and never pack it up with the rest of the Christmas stuff. It is a huge rectangular tablecloth, and I have had this idea for several years kicking around in my head that I should cut up (GASP!!!!) the tablecloth and make it into some wonderful poinsettia pillows. Then I would share those pillows with my sister and sister-in-law and some of my cousins. That way we could each have a piece of our Grammie and the tablecloth that she used for years at Christmas. 
 I still love that idea and truly want to do it. I just haven't been able...nor taken the time...to actually make that first cut. But, I decided that I would set a pretty table using the vintage cloth and take pictures....just in case. 
 The large tablecloth is over 50 years old and in great condition. It really would make some great pillows to share with the family. My mother inherited my Grammie's dining room set and the tablecloths that came with it. She passed the poinsettia cloth down to me, as she has many other Christmas cloths she uses. 
 So I used some of my .99 cent poinsettias, and pieces and parts of three different sets of dishes. The green goblets and the chargers are Wally World super-bargains. The crystal is mix and match sets as well. The napkins are Target (non-Christmas) from last year.  The sterling was also my Grammie's and I thought it only fitting that I use it to set the table as well. 
 The large dinner plates are from Nell Hills, many years ago. The salad plates are part of a Target set, also many years ago. The red dishes are from a 100 piece set (!!!!) the Hubs surprised me with about 10 years ago. By mixing up different dish sets, you are not limited to one look, or a certain number of place-settings. It is my favorite way to set a table. 

 I know you are thinking I should have at least ironed the vintage tablecloth, and I agree I certainly should have. No excuses, but laziness! 

 I waver between polished and beautiful silver or letting it tarnish some. Obviously right now, I am liking the more tarnished look! I know it is not for everyone. If it is not for you, then just look at the vibrant colors of the beautiful vintage cloth! 

 I saw this fake book (it opens but is hollow) at a garden center in Topeka years ago and bought it at an after-Christmas sale. 

 For the poinsettia table, I made sure there were poinsettias all around the room. 
 Here is a close-up of my mix-and-match-the-dinnerware attempt. 

 I feel like my .99 cent Black Friday poinsettias paid off well for my vintage poinsettia cloth tablescape. I love creating tablescapes with things I already have, but the real poinsettias definitely added to this table. If any of my cousins are reading this, feel free to weigh in on what you think of my idea about the poinsettia tablecloth/pillows! In the meantime, I'm going to enjoy it a few days as a tablecloth. I think my Grammie would love it (and wonder why I didn't have it pressed!!) 
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  1. Love your poinsettia table! Your dishes are so pretty and the grouped flowers on the table are striking. It would be a hard thing to take the first cut on that great Christmas tablecloth; I understand the thought process in wanting to share it with the rest of the family, but Yikes! what a decision. Good luck. Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  2. The first cut is the deepest as the song goes. The table looks great. I wish I could keep poinsettias alive long enough to still have them Christmas day but my thumb goes black and I kill them within a week of having them.


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