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Santa at the Table...

Sometimes all the elements needed just come together without any prior planning to create a great tablescape. So it was with my nod to the jolly 'ole guy.

 After Christmas last year I found Santa hats and mini stockings on sale for 75% off. As soon as I saw them, I knew they would make a great Santa table, and snatched up what I needed. 

 I wasn't for sure what I would do with them, but I knew I had some cute Santa plates and bowls (also from Wal-Mart several years ago). I knew that something would come to mind. 
 I found several rolls of the Santa belt ribbon in my Christmas stash. I had used it several years ago in some greenery and on presents as well. I still had plenty to work with and thought it would look cute as (very skinny) runners on a white (glittery) tablecloth. So that began the basis of my Santa table. 
 You can see the cute little Santa bowls that match the Santa dessert or salad plates. With those plates taking center stage, I kept everything else plain and simple. And of course red and white!
 The silver chargers are over ten years old and from the Dollar Store. The red dishes I use all the time and are part of a 100 piece set of plain red dishes my Hubs bought me one year. The white dishes are old ironstone that I have many piece of....and which very few match. 
 I used the (very cheap) new mini-stockings to hold all the utensils at each place setting. Perfecto! 

 I put one of the Santa hats on each chair. They would be great to use for a kids table just like this. Kids would love wearing these during dinner. 
 My centerpiece was simply a Santa cookie jar sitting on a crystal cake stand, surrounded by red and white ornaments. It could not be more simple. 

 The napkins were so cute, but I could not put them in the stocking, because then you would not be able to see how cute they were. I could not put them on top of the Santa plate, because then we couldn't see the Santa. So I decided to stick them in the clear goblets, where they add some height to the tablescape and can be seen perfectly. 
 Pretty cute considering there is not one expensive piece on the table! 
 Believe it or not, I even have two big Santa platters to match the plates and bowls. I wish Wal-Mart would come out with a line like this every year. I'm sure there are similar plates out there at other places as well though, if you really want Santa. I happen to LOVE Santa. 
 I set the rest of the napkins in the middle of my Merry Christmas plate. I bought that plate at Nell Hills many years ago. I would have loved to have that whole set, but alas, I could only afford a few pieces. So I bought a few pieces that could be used randomly, such as this. Believe it or not, I already had the Santa napkins in my stash as well. I believe I bought them at a Hallmark shop, but I have seen them online and know they can still be purchased. 

 If you could not find similar ribbon, it would be fairly easy to replicate it with two different solid ribbons and a little paint. Or it would even be just as cute to make a big Santa belt runner. 
 The napkins might just be my favorite part of the whole table! 
 Here's the deal. I love Santa, and I tend to be on the look out (especially after Christmas) for anything cute and unique Santaish that I know I can actually use. These plates and bowls from Wal-Mart were very inexpensive, even buying eight or more of each. I love red and white, so I tend to buy solid things in those two colors. Buying solids allows me to mix and match in many different ways. 
 Ribbon is something that can always be bought on sale. There are so many cute ribbon styles out there and you just have to think of different ways to use ribbons. The Santa belt ribbons would also look cute woven in the center of the table and the ends spreading out all four ways. 
 The same idea goes for using things like stockings and caps and cookie jars.. Sometimes you just have to think about ways to repurpose things you already own
 Just sitting here writing this, I already thought of two or three ways to improve this tablescape. (Such as weaving the ribbon, or adding cute red "branches" of ornaments (I already own) to the centerpiece. But isn't that the beauty of fun tablescapes?  To create something fun and then make it even better!!

While this tablescape works for any part of Christmas, I thought it would be absolutely perfect for a "Breakfast with Santa" table. Hmmmm. That gives me some more ideas!! 
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  1. Precious Precious! Your Santa table has all the touches especially the darling bowls and plates. I love the idea of using the caps on the chairs and the stockings with the flatware. Your Santa belt ribbon really ties your tablescape together! You scored big in after Christmas sales and in your designs!


  2. It is all adorable! I love the Santa belt ribbon! So so cute! You are ready for a Jolly ho ho ho holiday!

  3. Beyond cute! You are amazing.


  4. What a fun, fun tablescape. Very well thought out

  5. Very festive and cute too. Both adults and kids can appreciate equally. I love how you pulled the look together using the chargers and every-day plates that you have, and adding the special touches of the Santa dishes, napkins, stockings and hats. The ribbon was a fun touch, too. My eye immediately went to your centerpiece. It looks great and I love the fact that it is a cookie jar. Just proves that a centerpiece can be eye-catching while not having to be extragavant. Your guest will have a great time at your table!

  6. This is adorable! Happy 2014!


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