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Dumpster Diva

Rhoda at Southern Hospitality featured my $35 tea service I bought at a sidewalk sale last week. This week's treasure might be an even better deal!
My daughter Taylor is going to Radiology school.
On weekends she works as a waitress.
Last Sunday night she was taking the trash out 
to the dumpster 
and she saw this 
laying on top of the trash.
She immediately retrieved it
and brought it home to me.
The funny thing is she said a 
couple of times,
"I don't know if this was really supposed to be in the trash."
Hahaha. I have her trained so well!
She couldn't believe someone would throw this little
Dumpster Diva
away like trash!
See that handle?
It is a piece of upholstery ticking!
This box is heavy too. Very heavy
I took the heavy little Diva outside
last Monday morning
and power-washed her.
She was very happy
to be clean again.
I put Dawn soap all over her and
had her smelling better
in no time.
I left her out in our
hot, hot sun
to dry.
She has quite a wax sheen to her,
so most of the dirt was on the surface
and came right off with
the power washer.
After she had her morning bath
and afternoon of sunbathing
I brought her back inside
and put her in the 
middle of the dining room table.
It was obvious she was a Diva,
so I dressed her with
items that would 
enhance her raw beauty.
I have a set of 20
(what I call)
shower plates and cups
that I bought at an auction 
about ten years ago for $2. (really)
I put a few of the plates in her 
and sat a few beside her.
I also introduced her to old
lace napkins
and a knotted white table runner.
I thought she would 
look lovely
outfitted in
mercury glass,
vintage silverware
bits of turquoise.
She does look very lovely.
All the different 
of the 
and aquas and silvers
seem to 
make her very happy.
Not only that, but she looks 
coming and going
and side to side.
She is an 
all-around beauty.
I see her in a month
or so
with pumpkins and pinecones
and autumn treasures.
Without a doubt,
Dumpster Diva
is a keeper.
After she was all cleaned up,
and surrounded by her friends
I had the same thought Taylor did earlier...
"Hmmm. Maybe she wasn't meant to be thrown away!"
I'm so glad she was,
and that Taylor 
saw her 
raw beauty and
saved her
so she could become the Diva she was meant to be.


  1. I love dumpster diving. I really like the way you decorated it with the blue plates. A few years ago I used to go to Pier 1 late at night usually with a friend or my daughter because Pier 1 used to throw out so much stuff with little marks on it. Now they have a padlock on their dumpster....they took my fun away:)

  2. That is really interesting. Do you know what its original use was? I think you did a great job turning a "sow's ear into silk."

  3. What a fabulous find. Love it and I love the way you have it decorated. Great how. Hugs, Marty

  4. Lucky you! She is a fabulous Diva! I love how you dressed her up to show her off.

  5. How lovely!! Please come by and share for Treasure Hunt Thursday!

  6. You've trained her well ... what a great find!

  7. She is gorgeous all dolled up the way she was meant to be! And I LOVE that you have taught your daughter so well too. :)

  8. Love the fab Diva! She cleaned up right nice :) I also love the Candlewick glass snack plates and cups. As a collector of Candlewick they caught my eye right away :)

  9. Oh what a find...you have trained her well. I have one of these that I bought for $35 years ago that looks to be this size only painted red. I have tried to sell it for $35 and had no takers so far. So it's back home, and I just love the versatility of it.

  10. Anonymous8/08/2011

    Perfectly imperfect! What a find! Love your photos too!

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    Kelee Katillac @ www.designgivesback.com Met Monday will feature it next week!

  11. Congratulations on your feature and your finds this week are amazing!

    I have those shame shower plates and cups, and I love your box.

    Your daughter did good!

    Enjoyed visiting-
    I linked to the same party

    White Spray Paint

  12. Wow! What an awesome find! And you can't beat the price! :) Love the box paired with the Shower dishes and Mercury accents!

  13. Oh, definitely a diva! What a terrific find. I have a long time love affair with old boxes such as this. I use them for all sorts of things. You have her looking great! I know she is happy to have found a good home and someone who appreciates her beauty.

  14. What a great find! The caddy looks wonderful in your pretty vignette. You will find all kind of uses for it.

  15. Oh wow! She sure was a diva in disguise! Loe how you dressed her!...Christine

  16. Your right, she is a Dumpster Diva! Great trash to treasure story. You have trained your girl well!!

  17. Nice find! Looks good with all the other treasures.

  18. Give that daughter an extra hug...what a wonderful find!! She looks so natural sitting on the table!! Definitely a keeper!! Visiting from SSS Wow Us Wednesday! Hope you will drop by for a visit too!

  19. It is fantastic...I have got to get out to some dumpsters!!

  20. Great save! Can you just imagine all of the cool stuff people throw away... I love the fact that your girl saw it and brought it to her mom. So sweet. What a great piece to decorate seasonally.

  21. Wow! I love this piece. It looks so nice now and so practical for decorating. Your daughter has a good eye.

  22. oh, I think it's really happy....and pretty!!!

  23. You have trained that girl well...always be looking for potential! Very cool piece...and what fun you will have with her!

  24. Pat that child on the back. Awesome dumpster find! Following your blog now. I would love for you to show this off at my Wickedly Crafty Saturdays!

  25. I'm a dumpster diva and I'm in love with your wood box - I'm also in love with the way you decorated it. And, I love the way you told the story. So much fun! Thanks for sharing the gorgeous-ness!


  26. Anonymous8/13/2011

    Taylor made a great find and you really dressed that sweet Diva in style! Beautiful vignette!

  27. Isn't it amazing what some people will throw away? And you were so lucky that your daughter saw it for the real beauty it was. Congratulations!


  28. What a great fine, I like the ruggedness of it. It looks like it's struck up quite the friendship with all of the other lacy, sparkly items it's gotten acquainted with :).

  29. Now she is a BEAUTY ... and I love the Spa Treatment you gave her. You could go into business, pampering all sorts of things!

    She is gorgeous, and you have complemented her beautifully with silver and lace and turquoise -- just what she was dreaming of when she was waiting --near despair-- in that dumpster.

    Smart daughter you've got there.

  30. I loved your narrative almost as much as your diva!! You are quite the writer. I am very happy that I came upon your blog today for the first time.

  31. Hi, I just found your blog and what an amazing way to start off! congrats on that sweet daughter who you raised up right :) ...your grouping is beautiful...and even more so with your new trash find...

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