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A Little White....Urn....Never Hurt Anyone!

I have written about my little white urns before.
I bought six of them for $3.18 a piece after continually
checking on them at Pier 1.
The original price for each one was $12.98.
They are CUUUUTTTTEEEE. But not $12.98 cute!
Originally they had plastic (really!) cactus in them.
I could not wait to tear out that cactus and 
put white pumpkins on top.
Since them I have used them 
every single season,
and topped them with something different
each season.
For summer I took four of them and lined my
new fireplace in my living room.
At each end I put a concrete topiary
that I bought at Wal-Mart at the end of the summer season
for $3.00 each.
They were originally $15.00.
I guess I am pretty darn good at stalking
.....something I want to buy!
The green balls I put on top of the 
little white urns
for summer
are from Michael's.
I happened upon them
(no stalking involved!!)
at 90% off.
I grabbed them up!
So for right around $25, I have my summer mantle.
That is $25 spent in comparison to the full price of
little white urns, cement topiaries, and green leafy balls of....$115.00!!
I have also put the green leafy balls
in a galvanized tray and a wicker tray.
They, like the urns, are multi-functional.
That makes it even better.
Since I only used four of the 
little white urns
on the mantle,
the other two are in 
the dining room.
I topped them off with 
looking-glass paper weights
I bought at 
Nell Hill's
annual warehouse sale.
They were $1.00 a piece.
I use them various places and various ways
as well.
Tonight when I was at 
I saw softball size 
real orange pumpkins.
I smiled to myself 
it would not be long
before small white pumpkins
are available to buy as well.
The sweet little white urns are about to
get their new duds.
They (and their accessories) might have been 
cheap finds,
but they are worth their weight in gold!
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  1. Now you had some great ideas on how to change up these NIFTY THRIFTY goodies! I’m having a Pottery Barn gift card giveaway…hop over and enter…ends 8/28 at midnight.


  2. Thanks for sharing the cute ways that you use your white urns. It gives me lots of inspiration! I saw your post over at "Between Naps on the Porch".


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