"I do not claim that I can tell a story as it ought to be told. I only claim to know how a story ought to be told." -Mark Twain


(VERY) Random Review

Today is my last day of summer vacation. I have in-service beginning bright and early Friday morning. My students come on Wednesday of next week. I spent today making sure my house was clean-as-could-be. I even washed the slipcovers on my furniture and took all the throw-pillow covers off and washed them as well. I like the thought of going back to school with my house all clean. I am going to spend today at the pool. Relaxing.

We moved into this house 
the last week of school in May.
It was perfect timing if there is 
such a thing as 
perfect timing
in a move.
We stripped and (dark) stained 
all the wood floors
in the WHOLE house.
What a huge job!
Then I spent my summer
moving things around,
and making our new (old) house
into a home.
Next summer I already 
have big plans
lined up.
I want to put different 
wall treatments 
on different walls
throughout the house.
Our ceilings are so tall that
the walls really need something
to break up the massive space.....
.......Besides pics of course!

I know that I will be 
waiting on the weekends
to get here, now that school has begun!
I will save my big projects for weekends,
but I think there are 
plenty of projects
I can work on 
after school as well!
Usually I absolutely dread the 
thought of summer being over.
This year is a little different.
I didn't spend the summer baking in the sun
since I was so busy working on the house.
The intense heat here in Oklahoma made it too
hot to even want to go out.
So since school is starting
that means 
football is starting too.
LOVE football.
I will watch hours and hours of
grade school (my nephew),
high school (my students)
college, (my SOONERS)
and pro (most anyone) football 
over the next few months.

This is the mind-game
I play with my mind....
Soooooooooo if 
school is starting 
then so is
If football is starting 
it must be Fall.
(Living for) Friday's. Football. Fall
Ahhhh. All is right in the world.
I'll be in the pool all day,
thinking about "fall" 
beginning tomorrow!

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