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These Little Lights of Mine

As soon as people walk into the living room of our new (old) house, they instantly comment on the big chandy that takes center stage.
Not only is it
front and center,
but it is also
in the huge mirror.

If my Hubby is giving you
the dime-tour
of the house,
he turns on the chandy,
as well as the sconces
that flank the mirror.
He is very fond of those!

 But when he turns on
all the lights
and illuminates
all the crystals,
It is not just the big chandy that gets all the
oohs and aahs.
Or even the
sconces that my Hubby loves.

 Nope, it is several
other little stars
that people seem to love.
They are in each picture
if you look carefully.

 You see....
See.... there in each corner of the
big living room

 Are these
 And they steal the show.
Everyone loves them.
No one has ever seen
anything so....
well....(cutely) odd.
But you have to agree.
Aren't they just the bombdiggity?
    If you have ever seen anything
like this,
or know why there are mini-chandys
in the corners of the room
I would love to hear!
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  1. Those are very bombdiggity...love that word!! Finally I get to see pictures of your living room...now take the camera and keep going all around and up the stairs....lol and then send them to my email:)


  2. That would be a dream to me! The gorgeous lights are just one of the reasons that I would love to live in an old home. The corner ones are fabulous!

  3. These are gorgeous!!


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