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Red, White and Grill!!!!

Any idea what the first two pictures have in common?....
The temperature gage from an outdoor grill and Wal-Mart (very good by the way) pizzas?
Well read on!
 It's hiding right here under this lid!

 We've been cooking them on the grill all summer. And they are wonderful! If you will remember I told you in this post
about the two houses we were trying to buy. One deal fell through and then we found another house we liked. The same day our bid was accepted on the second house, the first house people called back and said we could get that house again! The first house had a great kitchen. The second house had a huge kitchen...with only great walls and floor and a few lousy cabinets. No appliances. And we decided on that house. But we are still very glad. Anyway, I had orignally thought we would get a new kitchen in before we did anything. Then I thought "WHOA!!!!!".....I came to my senses! If I had no kitchen, then I would not be cooking. I could have the summer off from cooking after years and years of cooking huge meals every day! (Insert cartwheels and backflips here).
 So one of our little make-do's this summer has been Wal-Mart pizzas. We have tried the thin crust and the regular crust. Both work well. We (the males) always add extra cheese as well.
 Here is the deal: They turn on the grill and let it get going. They put the pizza stone right on the grill and let it get hot. Then they add the pizza (with the extra cheese).
It does not take any time at all.
 It is like having our own outdoor pizza oven.
It was right in front of us the whole time
and we never knew it,
because we were too busy
using the stove.
See what great things
no stoves
bring about?

Yes, we have also tried
versions of our favorite pizzas
and they work
very well too.
Such a great idea to try
on a summer evening.
Just remember....
they don't take very long to cook!
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  1. Wonderful! I love pizza and at your own grill, well, it looks fabulous...I'm sooo very hungry right now!! Great shot of the pie! Have a great 4th. of July weekend. Hugs, FABBY

  2. I know you were doing actual cartwheels when you wrote that! :)

  3. OMG, I am so trying that this weekend, that's awesome.


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