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FIVE cheers for the Red, White and Blue!

ONE cheer
 I am a firm believer that nothing screams "SUMMER" more than red, white and blue. Personally, I love those colors all year long, but in the summertime they are classic. After all, Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger find all kinds of things to create in the proud colors.
 When packing my (seemingly) endless supply of dishes for The Big Move, more than one of my children pointed out my inordinate amount of red, white and blue dishes. Of all kinds. In all shapes. All kinds of materials. And accessories.
 So, I thought I would celebrate the summer season and create a tablescape for each of my five children in red, white and blue.

 TWO cheers
There is nothing special about any of these place-settings. They are simply ideas born of a variety of dishes and accessories to work with. 

 All the pieces were collected over time. None of the pieces are expensive. Sources range from JCPenney to the Dollar Tree, with Target, Wal-Mart and Dollar General thrown in as well.
 It's about using what you have in a different way, with different accessories.

 THREE cheers
I have some young (early 20's) readers that write to me and tell me they like my affordable tablescapes!
That makes me SO happy to hear that!
 I like showing that entertaining can be affordable, and still look like a million dollars! Well, maybe not a million but at least a $10.00!

 FOUR cheers
If you look closely, you will notice that some plates are metal, some are glass, and some are melamine. But when you have a common thread, it all works fine.
 One thing I do always try to do, is to buy in sets of four. It isn't always possible, but it helps when I can. Then I know I can always do at least four of something.
 And by the time I mix and match, that is usually eight of something!
 FIVE cheers
The truth of the matter in this case, is that I did about five other mix and match place settings.
 But I will try to spread them out over the next few weeks of summer.
 You may recognize these bowls from my Seuss tables, and the red china (a present from Hubs) from Christmas tablescapes, Seuss, Mad for Plaid, Valentine's ....just to name a few!
So dig out your red, white and blue and set some classic summer tables for your family and friends! Celebrate the freedom of summer.
I am linking this to Susan at Between Naps on the Porch,
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  1. Lori, I agree with you that red, white, and blue is always a great combination and especially in the summer. I love your philosophy of tablescaping -- buy in fours and find items wherever. These tables are all so cherry and bright. Love the Seuss bowls and the red flatware especailly. Joni

  2. I love red white and blue, and I love your collection. I have lots of it too, no melamine though, I just use that for the gkids.
    I collected the star shaped plates from Pfaltzgraf when we had a clearance outlet here, now they are too expensive.

    Your table looks wonderful!
    Love that sparkler cup cake napkin!

  3. Anonymous6/02/2011

    So much fun! It really brings out the Patriotic spirit.

  4. I love your patriotic theme!! Looks great! I needed some ideas! :)

  5. And now you have OLD people writing you and telling you that they love your affordable tablescapes!! With a mortgage and two children, Limoges and Waterford aren't realistic for me, but I can do Dollar Tree. I loved all of these place settings - especially the use of the hat! That reminded me of the hats the employess wear - where else, but MAIN STREET USA at Disney World. Fun, fun!

  6. Lori, I Love the red, white and blue theme. This is the perfect summer table. Thanks for linking to my party.


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