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Soul Mates--Day 8 of Gratitude

Perhaps it would be appropriate here to say that in no way are any of the days of gratitude written in order of importance. With that in mind, my gratitude today is for my soulmate, my husband, Tim. As corny and as cliche' as it sounds, we were high school sweethearts that got married early. Together, we've worked hard at raising our children, we've worked hard at being good parents, we've worked hard at taking care of family, we've worked hard at work, and we've worked hard at taking care of each other. We have fun together. We enjoy each others company. We have many, many ideas, hobbies, likes, and pastimes in common. But it is the appreciation we have for our differences from each other that make our love strong. We allow each other to do what makes us happy as individuals. I have said before that it is Ruth Graham's quote that I like best, "If two people agree on everything, then one of them is unnecessary."  Much like I cannot imagine getting through life without my faith, I also cannot imagine traveling this road without my soul mate. Soul mates, yet individuals; the perfect combination.


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