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Feast on This--Day 6

It is the weekend and this  is a perfect
to make...and eat....
while you are watching ballgames...or movies.
We call it Kiddie Mix.
There is nothing to the name except that
I have always made the mix
since the children were 
You can put in this whatever make you happy.
This is what we usually make it with.

Pretzel sticks
Popcorn (the kind found in the chips section)
Box or sack of animal crackers or Teddy Grahams
Bag of M&M's (your favorite flavor)
Bag of candy corn
Bag of (candy corn type) pumpkins
Bag of seasonal marshmallows
Options: Cheerios (any flavor), nuts, rice chex, small crackers 

In a very large bowl, mix all ingredients together.
Stir with your hands, so you don't crush all the goodies.

We put a big scoop in the bowl and let people scoop out their own mix.
Store in airtight container.
Quick. Easy. Enjoy. 

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