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Oreo Balls--FEAST

My niece, Libby, first introduced me to Oreo Balls about five years ago. They are delicious, easy-to-make, and produce mass quantities.  All excellent 'qualifications' for those of us that cook or entertain on a regular basis. The Oreo Balls pictured, are in fact Libby's creations. She iced hers in white dipping chocolate with chocolate drizzle. We have also made them dipped in regular chocolate as well. You will love them either way you make them.
1 pkg. Oreo's--crushed
(We crush ours in the food processor,
but you can put them in a plastic bag and crush them too.) 
1 block Cream Cheese
Blocks of melting chocolate

Crush your entire package of Oreo's. With a mixer, mix the cream cheese
and the Oreo 'crumbs'. Roll this mixture into balls. Put in fridge for about 15 minutes.
Melt your chocolate and start that dipping!

To make them look nice (like Libby's), you can melt 
the some more chocolate (same or different). Drizzle across the Oreo balls.
You can also sprinkle the Oreo balls with a few Oreo crumbs while the dipping chocolate 
is still wet.
Once again....I promise you will love them!
(Haven't I said that all week???) 

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  1. Lo,
    We had these Oreo balls at Dad's birthday party. Yum! They were a hit!


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