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Yes 'Mam I love Manners

On this 13th day of giving gratitude, I am grateful for manners.  In particular, people that display and use manners on a regular basis.  

As a high school teacher I can tell you that YES! it does make a huge difference.  My classroom runs so much smoother when the students learn to show respect for each other, the items in the room AND the teacher!!

On a bigger picture, the world runs so much smoother when we all learn to show respect for each other, the world around us AND those we are in contact with daily.

Simple "thank you's", "you are welcome", "pardon me", "please", "how are you's", and "here let me help" set the tone of respect for those encountered.

Holding the door, using a friendly tone and listening to others attentively turns a stranger into a friend.

So many times it is the kindness of simple manners that turn a bad day around to being a good day.

For those people that continue to use good manners I am grateful.  For those that teach good manners by example (on a daily basis), you have my utmost respect and admiration. You make each day better for someone.  For that I am grateful.


  1. I agree. I try so hard at work to be polite and courteous. It does tend to rub off.

  2. Anonymous11/14/2010

    I agree 100%. I once heard a great definition of manners--it a nice person's way of making the other person feel comfortable. If you think about it like that, it makes all kinds of sense.
    BTW: You're the English teacher, and I'm no speller (Spellchecker is what I'm grateful for every day!)but is it 'mam or ma'am?


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