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Upper Crust--(As in the best recipes!)

My plan is to post two recipes today. The two recipes are among my favorite recipes of all time. Hopefully they get to you before you make out your final Thanksgiving dinner list.
The first recipe is for Pineapple Chiffon Pie. I do not claim to be any kind of pie-maker by any stretch of the imagination. But simply put, we do not have Thanksgiving without two of these pies on the dessert table. (Why two?  Because one is not enough!)
My whole family loves this pie.
My extended family loves this pie.

 And as most great recipes and foods go
there are great memories
behind this pie.

 The recipe comes to me from my best friend's grandmother.
My best friend while growing up, lived across the street from me.
I have little doubt that there was
probably a rut
in the asphalt
that separated our houses.

What was equally as wonderful
was that my best friend's 
lived next door to my best friend...
therefore making it across 
the street
from me as well! 

Even better....
Her grandmother cooked a hot meal
at noon.
And if I was hanging out with 
my best friend,
then I got to eat at Ruby's as well.
Believe me, 
I spent many, many a noon meal
in Ruby's kitchen.
And she was one of the World's Greatest Cooks!

(Don't be afraid to make mini-pies as well. I love mini food...Then you don't realize you are eating so much! ha!)

With this little bit of
background knowledge,
you have to know
that you will LOVE this pie...
and make it a family favorite as well.

Pineapple Chiffon Pie
(or I simply say Pineapple Pie)
1 pie crust--already baked
1 1/2 C. milk
2 T. (heaping) flour
3/4 C. drained crushed pineapple
3/4 C. sugar
2 eggs separated
Put milk on to heat. Mix sugar and flour together. Add this to the hot milk, stirring constantly and well.
Stir in beaten egg yolks.
Stir constantly, so the yolks stay smooth.
Bring to a soft boil and continue until the mixture thickens.
This will take about 7 minutes. 
Believe me, the end result is worth it. Keep stirring...or whisking (which is what I use).
Remove from heat and add drained pineapple.
Stir. While this mixture is cooling,
beat the egg whites until thick and frothy.
FOLD in the egg whites. (The FOLDing is important so the pie stays light and fluffy).
Pour into baked pie crust.
Refrigerate until cool.
Before serving top with Whipped Cream.
Hide the second pie you make from everyone else!
Believe me...you will!


  1. You made me cry again, Lori. Would you believe I'v e never made that pie???
    Grandmother was a wonderful cook, wasn't she? And whoever was around was welcome to have dinner with us. Many times did I heard her say, "Come eat. There's plenty!" And there always was.
    Boy, I miss her.
    Thank you for the great tribute.

  2. Wonderful post. That looks like a yummy pie. What great memories!

  3. Lucky you...and Very Lucky Susan. What a wonderful Grandmother.

  4. Anonymous11/24/2010

    I always thought that you and I coined the term BF. And I LOVED living next door to Grandmother. Those memories are sweet to me, too! I hope that we are still BFs

  5. Anonymous11/24/2010

    Thanks Lori for the great post and wonderful memories! What a heritage we have! Have a great Thanksgiving! We have so much to be thankful for....
    Cindy Lou


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