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Postcards and Memories, Pictures that you gave to Me

I saw the miniature bottle brush trees and I knew exactly where I could put them. 

 We have a little shelf in the hallway that is an homage to our home in Kansas. On the shelf sits a picture of our former home when it was built over 135 years ago. It was given to me by the descendants of the home's first owners. The little picture on the shelf is the front porch during the last summer we were there. The bullseyes are actually from the house. As we remodeled (yes, we did keep all the old woodwork intact) we sometimes took out old doors or windows and I saved each and every piece of old trim. The little metal truck was found by my boys when they were very little and digging in the yard. 


So I bought a couple of little trees and set them on the shelf................. Then after I took the pics, I took the little tree and put it in the back of the truck. Cute either way!

 The three pictures on the side are all old posters about Hiawatha. (The name of the town we lived in for 17 years.) Only the top poster is actually about Hiawatha, Kansas. The other two are just old posters with the name Hiawatha in the name. Regardless, every time we walk down the hall we are reminded of the house and town where we lived and raised our family. Now with little effort and a few Christmas decorations, it looks even cuter!


  1. Anonymous11/29/2010

    Hi ya!!
    I love little bottle brush trees. I bought some last year at of all places Cracker Barrel. They have some great Christmas stuff.


  2. Hi Lori,
    What a cool story! I bet the tree looks cute in the back of the truck. Sounds like good memories.

  3. Charming story, sweet tribute, and pretty mantle! :)

    xoxo laurie


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