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Woof Woof----A Puppy Chow twist!

I know we are all still recovering from our Thanksgiving feasts, but it is Sunday afternoon..... and there is football on TV....and lots of great Christmas movies. So, I figured why not suggest a little treat?  This treat is so easy to make and will get you through the holiday season when you find yourself in a pinch. I know we have all made Puppy Chow many times, but I thought I would share what I do a little differently.
I melt an entire bag of chocolate chips AND an entire bag of butterscotch chips and then pour over my rice cereal. I do not use butter or peanut butter. Just a bag of chocolate and butterscotch chips. I then toss it on my rice cereal till it is all coated. Then I pour the entire 'mess' into a plastic grocery store bag.  I put powdered sugar into the grocery store bag as well, then shake. And shake. And make sure it is all coated. If it needs more powdered sugar I add more. :) Then I bag it up for treats....or put it in a big bowl and watch it disappear!!!  Just some friendly little suggestions and tips for a lazy Sunday afternoon. Enjoy!!

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  1. Anonymous11/28/2010

    Okay, now this is what I like, nice and easy and yummy!



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