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Heros Protecting Heros--With my Gratitude

On this 14th day of gratitude
I am grateful for
The Patriot Guard was formed in 
Mulvane, Kansas, in 2005.
The Patriot Guard was originally formed
to serve as a protective shield to families
who had lost a loved one that was serving 
in the war. 
There is another group in Kansas that, ironically,
uses their religion to protest at funerals.
Far from a religious group that they proclaim to be, they
only spout hate messages.
This group has the audacity to 
protest at the funerals of our fallen soldiers.
Again ironically, they are protesting at the 
funerals of the very men and women that
are giving them the right to protest!

This is where the Patriot Guard steps in.
Instead of spewing the same hate message as the 
"religious group"
they surround and shield the family and friends
of the fallen soldier. 
They come to the funeral on their motorcycles
donned in an array of flags.
When the "religious" group begins to 
shout their obscenities (yes, obscenities)
the Patriot Guard 
rev up the engines of their motorcycles.
They have figured a way to beat the
"religious" group
at their own game.
What started in Kansas to protect 
a couple of families,
has turned in to a 
nation wide phenomenon.
The Patriot Guard now 
boasts over 200,000 members.
I have personally seen the group 
several times, and
each time, 
just the sight of them 
they have never met
brings me to tears.
This week there was a decorated young soldier
laid to rest in a small Oklahoma town.
He left behind a young wife and children.
Once again,
the "religious" group
showed up to shout their hate-mongering words.
Once again,
the Patriot Guard was there
to surround, shield and love the family.
For the Patriot Guard, created out of need to a
bad situation,
I will always be proud and grateful
for the work they do.

In a final (what I perceive as humorous) twist, 
at the funeral of the heroic soldier 
this week,
when the religious group got back to their caravan,
the van of their leader was found to have four flat tires.


They soon found their tires were beyond repair (hmmmmm).
But the citizens of this small Oklahoma town
found their own way to 
take care of the "religious group".
No one in the town would fix the tires,
or sell new tires
to the "religious" group.
Seems just as there is Freedom of Speech
for the "religious group"
there is also the "Right to refuse sales"
to anyone that store owners so deem.
Back at 'ya "religious" zealots.
Seems the country-bumpkins from
Kansas and Oklahoma 
are smarter than 
a lot of people think!

If you ever have a chance to see the Patriot Guard
be sure and tell them
how grateful we are
for their service as well!

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  1. I'm so proud of the Patriot Guard. Great job, guys. Thank you!!!


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