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Tree of Thanksgiving..........

Last year I hosted Thanksgiving dinner for my family.
Beside the front door, before the guests could
even get into my house,
was my (well-used and versatile) twig tree.
Beside it was a basket of blank tags and various pens.
Guests wrote one, two, three...or more
things they were thankful for
on the 
They then hung them on the tree.
Even my young niece that was in kindergarten
managed to fill out several tags.
At the end of the evening,
we brought in the
Tree of Thanksgiving
and read each
blessing aloud.
This brought about many 
gratitudes, compliments, memories and agreements.

This year I will once again 
host Thanksgiving.
The tree is ready,
as are the new tags.
And the old tags have a special 
place of honor as well.

What can you have waiting
on your guests
to document all those blessings?


  1. Wonderful idea, Lori. Wonder where I can get a twig tree?
    BTW: Is everybody coming to your house this year? Wish I were available.

  2. Twig tree! How cool is that! Love the rustic charm kind of greeting this one offers. :)


  3. Wonderful tradition
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving

  4. Beautiful and thoughtful idea. Good that it gets the conversation going. Happy Thanksgiving. Ginger

  5. What a great tradition.


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