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One Stripe, Two Stripe, Red Dot, White Dot

**** For the record, this is the second time I have written this post. I wrote it this morning and when I went to post it was gone. I had even MADE SURE to save it first!!   RRRRRRRRRRRRRr. How frustrating. Has that ever happened to anyone else? Anyway...

The table is set
We are ready to eat,
Come party with us
You can pick your own seat. 


It's the good Dr.'s birthday
we have reason to smile,
With our fun party table
we are in style!


With dots and stripes
and puzzles and games
You'll have fun at the party
and be glad you came.


It all started when I found this giant "floor" puzzle at the book store.
I bought The Cat In The Hat, but there were all kinds.
I thought it would be the perfect base
for a great Seussimagical tablescape.

As an English teacher, I love Dr. Seuss.
I'll be glad to celebrate his birthday every year!

To the puzzle base I added stripes and dots
I found around the house.
Because I love red so much, it was
not hard to find
red happiness for the table.
What child does not like a straw?
Or twelve?
Not only are they fun, but
their red and white stripes
make them a perfect table top piece.

I used simple cloth napkins as
placemats for my tablescape.
They are easy to clean up after the party
by just tossing them into the washer.
There is no harm that can come to them!
I collected suckers and lollipops after both
Christmas and Valentines Day.
They look perfect mixed together.
I plan to keep them for next
Christmas as well.
See Thing 2 peeking out from the puzzle?
The mixture of fun plates
make the table fun
and childlike.
We can't have a Cat In The Hat party
without the striped hat!
When I was looking for table decor,
I found the peppermint rings
on clearance from Christmas
at Oriental Trading (online).
I immediately thought they would
be perfect Cat In The Hat tophats.
I snipped the back of each plastic ring
and they fit perfectly as a napkin ring.
Don't they look like a perfect hat from the story?
Each year Target has fun Seuss things
in their dollar bin
right around this time.
I got these bowls last year.
The other plates are from Target as well,
although from different times
and not from the dollar bin.
Each place setting was just the same,
but slightly different
because of the different bowls.
I got the cute namecards from
Oriental Trading as well.
They were originally meant
as bulletin board material.

A close up of each of the plates.
Little Caroline asked me if she really got to
keep her name tag.
She was so excited!
Children love a fun table as much
as adults do!
I turned one set of bowls upside
and put another set of bowls
on top
of them last year as well.
The pattern combinations make
clever containers.
Can't you just hear Dr. Seuss writing about that?
Upside, downside
what side?


I found a cute striped Christmas tree
I had bought at the
after Christmas clearance
and added a top hat to it and
used it on the table.
Part of the fun of doing a children's table
is thinking outside the box.
Or dots.
Or stripes.
Or winter scarves!
How fun to use our imaginations
and get childlike when decorating
a fun birthday table.

It is even more fun to scour the house
for what we already have
and make the tablescape
very inexpensive.

A good view of the Cat In The Hat
puzzle that started it all.

One last thing.......
I wanted the napkins to be cute enough to go on the special tophat napkin rings, but yet productive enough to do their job with little children!!
Enter........a new package of dishcloths! There were eight in this package for minimal price.

I added ribbon to the edge of the washcloths.
Again, each are the same ribbon,
but slightly different.
That keeps the kids from
getting their napkins mixed up,
as well as keeping germs to a minimum!

Here is a view of the finished products.
It probably took 15 minutes total to do these.
Quick and easy, but oh so cute on the table!

It is the little things in life
that kids remember.
My kids always remember when I
took the time to make simple things
out of the ordinary.
Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss
(I think he is pure genius by the way!)
I am linking to Susan's Between Naps On The Porch. Go by and visit! Also Show and Tell Friday and Be Different Act Normal and of course the wonderful Tablescaper.

For a view of last years Seussical table go here!

And totally unplanned, my cat Boomer jumped up on the table and sat down. He had to be in the middle of the action. What is funny, is how he sat, he looks just like he was The Cat In The Hat!!  THIS picture was not staged!


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!! All....I can't even try to pick a favorite. Well done!

    I'm a new follower :)

    Hope you have a Plum Perfect evening!
    Aledia @ plumperfect.blogspot.com

  2. I do love the napkins
    And big puzzle too.
    It's very inventive,
    Cats' hats off to you!

    I did the same theme
    But my items are few
    I must visit Target
    To get Seuss plates like you.

    A polka dot bowl
    And a sash on a chair,
    What super great ideas!
    I'm so glad you share.

  3. I really like it
    But my favorite part
    Is the napkin and ring.

    I'm trying to sound all Sousey, in case you can't tell. This post was a pure delight to read and see. Your creativity is amazing. LOVE those napkins that you made and the peppermint rings for napkin rings. The place settings and all the things on the table are adorable.

    Just wonderful. Thanks so much for letting us share in your fun.

  4. This is the CUTEST Dr Seuss table in the universe!!!!! You are so creative to come up with all of these elements that fit together so perfectly!!! I am in awe of each little detail......I give you a standing ovation for your tablescape!!! The napkin rings are priceless!!

  5. What absolute fun. If I could rhyme I'm sure this would be the perfect occasion. I love the washcloths! I love puzzle.. omg this just makes me happy to see.

  6. What fun! You thought of everything!
    Great idea to use the puzzle! I really enjoyed this table, thanks, Lori. I taught elem school for 33 yrs, so this was close to my heart!

  7. Welcome home! If you follow the college team to the South of Oklahoma City, you'll also have elements for a great football game day party. I'm an Okie, too!...and a former English teacher. Your Seussical tablescape is darling...I know that it was a complete success! Thank you for sharing your charming design Cherry Kay

  8. How cute and clever too! I love napkins you made. Did you sew the ribbon on or use that glue for hems?

    I also just adore the picture of the real Cat in the Hat :)

  9. What a fun table!!! A great celebration, with every detail.

    - The Tablescaper

  10. What a really fun table! So cute and colorful~ & a great theme! :)

  11. Dr.Seuss was genius, and with this table I am convinced you are too! This couldn't have been easy. The attention to detail and creativeness is off the charts! Thank you for stopping by my blog!!!

  12. What an awesome and fun table! Totally loving it and what a fun way to Celebrate Dr. Seuss's B-day!

    Happy Thursday!


  13. I love fun tables and this one is over the top. Love it all.

  14. Anonymous3/03/2011

    So creative! I absolutely love this table!

  15. Oh I love this! It's so fun & whimsical, just like Dr. Seuss himself.

  16. One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish... if I had a wish, it would to be to eat from your dish! PERFECT! I LOVE IT!

  17. This is so amazing! First of all, using a floor puzzle like that is BRILLIANT! I am in awe of your tablescaping creativity -- so many perfect details! I know you had fun creating all of the elements! Clever!

  18. Wow, what a fun, festive table...that puzzle makes an amazing base for a centerpiece.

  19. What a great table. So cute. I love it.

  20. The whole feast in red is just perfect! How beautiful, I love the dot plates, all so well put together...so much fun and so festive. Very talented. I'm your newest follower. Please come and visit, I'll be thrilled!


  21. What a delight! We are celebrating Read Across America tomorrow at my school. It's such a fun day - special guest readers in each class and reading ALL DAY LONG! What could be better? I better go pack up my reading material for tomorrow. :)

  22. This is FABULOUS!! I love Dr. Suess and you did a wonderful job!! Your kitty knows it spotlight on the CAT! This is just adorable!

    (kudos to denise's comment too!)

  23. This is fantastic! I love it.

  24. Hi! I just gave your blog an award. I hope you will stop by and accept it.

  25. What a fabulous treat to see what you have done. I am a new follower but will be keeping a check on your blog. Well done.

  26. So adorable...I especially like the ring pops as napking rings!!

  27. Aaargh ... my comment just got lost when I tried to post it! That is the cutest Dr. Seuss party I've ever seen. I love all your details and the ring pops for napkin rings are adorable. Thanks so much for sharing!

  28. What a fun table! I have done lots of volunteer storytelling at schools and libraries and Dr Seuss never, ever goes out of style. He really has encouraged generations of children to read with his fun, timeless tales.

    Susan and Bentley

  29. Such great detail. Thanks so much for being a part of Seasonal Sundays.Kindly provide a link back to Seasonal Sundays in your post. Thank you.

    - The Tablescaper

  30. Loved all those pics..very cute:)..What a lovely blog you have !
    Please, join in my CSN giveaway on my design blog..



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