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Wooly Mammoths to Dapper Dogs!

Spring cleaning comes in many forms. Besides getting the house clean, putting up sweaters, heavy blankets and cold-weather gear, it is also time to get a spring haircut.
Ha! I guess the flash was bothering Abe, because he kept closing his eyes in every picture!!
.....Especially if you have a wooly winter coat that needs trimmed.
OH, it feels so good to be handsome and dapper again!
It's time to go to the dog park and see if the girl dogs notice the new doggy-doos!

Eisenhower- a/k/a Ike

Even their collars are fresh and clean!

Abraham a/k/a Abe

Actually, the boys got their haircut on President's Day in February (how appropriate for dogs with the names of Ike and Abe), but they just now managed to get their pics on a blog post.
After spending all last week at home on spring break,
I would imagine they are wondering today
where everyone has disappeared to....

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