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What is April Fool's Day without a little foolishness?

 So I dug out some "sets" of different colored dishes.
Do they match?
Well absolutely--------- NOT!!
It will all mesh in the end tho, just keep looking!

 Can we team them up with a little fun and FOOLish things?
I got all these items at the Dollar Tree.
The little marker/game boards become the "placemats", the straws become part of the centerpiece, the different glasses are the napkin holders and the slinkies decorate the table.
(You know how you buy your chlidren slinkies and they stretch out almost the first time they use them?  Well I could not FORCE these to stretch out. These little 2 for $1 slinkies are indestructable!! ha!)

Then I took some totally unrelated items and put them together as my centerpiece.

These little beauties are from Nell Hill's.
Their names are Miss Peppermint and Miss Snow, and if you look closely you will see they are actually
Christmas girls.
Today they got glammed up for the spring season!

 IF you look closely, you will see there are four
different colored, non-matching glasses.

 Originally, I was going to use a variety of table runners on the table. When I went to get them out of the closet,
I saw this "crazy" quilt and decided it would work even better. So then I pulled out four napkins....that didn't match.

 Miss Peppermint has become Miss April and Miss Snow is now Ms. Fool!
They loved it.

 Those crazy straws, gumballs and cup-measuring-cups...
well they turn into one great centerpiece.

 Miss Snow gets glammed up to Ms.Fool!

 Then the mix/match/meshing of the dishes began!

 Yes, the silverware is out of place and upside down on purpose...fool!
And note the tube that goes from the "drinking" glasses to the glass.
Not to mention the puzzle/whiteboard placemats!
Let's have some fun!!

 Some of the other place-settings.
no two
are alike.

 And of course guests are
to use
take home
all the fun stuff!

 Another view of a "drinking glasses" place-setting.

 Hope you enjoyed our evening of foolishness.
Remember not to take yourself
or others
Look around at how you can set a foolish table.
For $10, I found fun additions and take home favors.
Use your imagination.
Be foolish!!
I am linking up with Susan at Between Naps On The Porch. Enjoy all the wonderful ideas.

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  1. I love your table...the Misses Peppermint and Snow are adorable! Thanks for making me smile...


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