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For The Birds.............Welcome Spring Tablescape...

I saw these cute polka dot bowls at Target's dollar bin
and did not buy them.
But then I could not get them out of my brain.
And by the way, Target also has $2.50 items in that 'dollar' bin.
...Such as these bowls.
But, I felt they were worth the $2.50 price tag.
They're a good size and even if you bought eight bowls, you would have only spent $20.
And I doubt if anyone buys eight bowls...
unless you are like me and have half a dozen children 
(counting my daughter in law!).
....Or you might buy eight bowls if you also splurged on the
yellow polka dots bowls or
the pink polka dot bowls...or
the green polka dot bowls!!!
The blue bowls made me think of robin's eggs, 
so that in turn
led me to pull out my 
bird and egg things I already had...
and say "Welcome Spring"!
Since I was going with a bird theme,
I figured my grapevine "chargers"
would look kind of 'nesty'.
Then I had another larger grapevine that I
pulled apart
and used in the middle of the table.
Remember the little candy nests I made the other day?
I used them on this table,
as well as putting one in the blue bowls....
just because I thought they were cute with the same blue-colored eggs.
If you have not seen Hobby Lobby's line of
vintage bird items, then you need to check them out.
Use your weekly coupon or wait till they are on sale
like I did.
They have several sizes of plates as well as 
lots of other cute items.
My white tin plates with the silver rims are also 
from Target.....
although it was several years ago and they were
on the clearance aisle.
I have no idea how they had not been snatched up!

Trying to achieve that rustic yet feminine and romantic look.
I have used these mini grapevines for napkin rings before.
I pulled them back out to use again.
I love them as napkin rings.

"Birds-eye" view of the candy nest!
I also remade my mini urns. Again.
This time I topped them with blue and cream eggs
I already had.
Once again, the urns look adorable.
Those six little urns make me happy every single season!
I just simply lined the urns down the middle of 
the table
with the loose grapevine.
I had these cute little plates that I had bought at 
Nell Hill's about three years ago.
She has had CUTE bird items for years.
They were in the same color family as the cute 
Hobby Lobby plates,
so I knew that I could mix and match
with no problems.

I also got this cute bird dish at 
Nell Hill's 
several years ago.
It is a heavy plaster.
I used it to hold the coconut nests.

Then when I was almost through with 
my pictures,
I remembered this bird...
also from Nell's.
I had to add him into the table!

I also got this cute black tray at Nell's years ago.
It has a cute little bird and egg on it as well.
I used it to hold my pretzel nests.

Underneath everything is my lace tablecloth 
that I use all the time.
My mother bought several of them in Italy years ago.
They are soft cotton lace
and wash up like a T-shirt.
They look pretty no matter what I pair them with.
Here's to a beautiful spring..
full of birds and nests and eggs..
and God's many miracles!

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  1. Your table is great! I also bought some of the bowls at Target. LOVE them!


  2. I love love love your table. Those bowls are so full of spring and your little candy nests look perfect in the bottom. Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. Beautiful spring table...those bowls are adorable.

  4. I love love your table. The colors , the grapevine decor..and those pretzel nests. wow Those might help my tablescape problem Thank you. Sunny

  5. Very lovely! Our nests have all been eaten! I am so glad I found you!


  6. You have set such a gorgeous spring table! I just love your nests, robin eggs and those adorable plates. TFS.

  7. I wish I was as talented as you!!!! I always love your posts, your pictures , your tables!!!

  8. Anonymous3/28/2011

    What a darling tablescape! My favorite part is those plates with the birds nest on them. Too cute!


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