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Irish O'Chocolate Set!

Instead of my usual full tablescape 
I decided to share my 
Irish Chocolate Set.
My mom has been to Ireland several times.
The last time she went she took my 
two daughters.
My mom bought me the chocolate set in 
Galway Ireland.
(Royal Tara Fine Bone China)

This is a picture of the town where she bought the
chocolate set.
Don't you love the "crossings" sign?

My daughter Annie bought me the Ireland book.

My mother's maiden name was Flanagan.
We feel the pull o'the green all year long.

Another treat my mother brought me back
from one of her Irish trips was this
beautiful tablecloth.
You will see in the pictures the beautiful shamrocks
that are on the edges
as well as cut out of the middle.
(Not the green ones!! Those were just decorations!)

I think this tablecloth is one of the most beautiful 
I have ever seen.
I take extra special care of it.
The shamrocks are lined in the palest of green thread.

Now, back to that Irish Chocolate set....
The colors on it are blues and golds.
All rims are gold.

The cups are delicate and smaller than most coffee cups.

It came with a chocolate pot,
a sugar bowl, a creamer
and six cups and saucers.

Each piece is beautiful.

The chocolate pot is especially pretty.
I am sure it could be used for Irish coffee as well,
but I like the idea of 
Irish chocolate!

Look how closely it matches the colors of Ireland!

The inside of each chocolate cup is lined with
flowers as well.

You can see the green thread in this picture.

My beautiful Irish mother, 
who brought me back all the great Irish pieces.
I won't tell her age, because she would get mad,
but let's just say, she is almost a diamond.
You would never guess by looking would you?

What do you put in a delicate Irish chocolate cup?
Why some Irish chocolate, of course!

With....a little chocolate treat on the side.
Irish chocolate with mint!

If we can't make it to Ireland ourselves,
then the next best thing is to 
celebrate Ireland
the best way we know how!

With some beautiful Irish china 
that will be passed down for years. 

For views of last year's Irish tablescape,
made from Irish villages (yes, my mother brought me those too!)
then go here.

I am linking this to Tablescape Thursdays with Susan and St. Patty's Blog Crawl with Kathleen and the Open House blog party at No Minimalist.
And in the words of my Granddad Flanagan,
"If you're lucky enough to be Irish, you're lucky enough."
Happy St. Patty's Day to you....even if you are only Irish for the day!


  1. What a beautiful chocolate set -- and a grand cake -- and I love what you did to the chocolate with the shamrock!

    And I can't tell you how much I covet the tablecloth!

  2. Anonymous3/16/2011

    What a lovely set! Simply gorgeous and the story behind it. Lucky woman to have such a beautiful mom...no way does she seem even close to being a diamond!!

  3. I'm drooling over your chocolate set. I noticed the delicate flowers and the shamrocks right away. How very very pretty. What a treasure for sure.

  4. Lori that is gorgeous! Your photos are spectacular as well. Pretty dishes.

  5. What a perfect souvenir to bring back from a trip to Ireland. I've never traveled to Ireland, but would love to some day. Your chocolate set is exquisite and will be something special to pass down to your daughters in future years. Your mom sparkles like a diamond!
    I'm seriously wanting a slice of that beautiful chocolate cake!
    Happy St. Patrick's Day! ~ Sarah

  6. What wonderful memories you have with that lovely set. The little snacks are great too...lol...

  7. Very pretty -- the coffee looks so pretty especially.

  8. Such a beautiful chocolate set, I'm sure it will be treasured for years. The 'treats' look delicious. Your Mom is only "30" !!

  9. Just beautiful! The chocolate set is beyond wonderful. I can see how you take special care of your tablecloth, your treasures are amazing.Thank you for sharing wiht us! Happy ST. Patrick's Day!

  10. Lori, Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful chocolate pot set at my new party. The shamrock tablecloth is gorgeous! Happy St. Paddy's Day.

  11. Your mom picked out a gorgeous chocolate pot and set for you...and the tablecloth is charming...I know that it honors her each time that you use these lovely things. Thank you for sharing your beautiful design. Cherry Kay

  12. What a sweet mother you have to get such a beautiful chocolate set for you and love the tablecloth!

  13. HI Nina Gay *waving*

    Lo, I always love seeing your mom, even if it is in pictures!!!!

  14. How beautiful is your mom and the tea set she chose to bring you from Ireland...I would love to go and have a cup of chocolate with you and celebrate St. Pat's...but I will invite you to come over and see my St. Pat's table.
    Have a nice St. Patty's Day to your mom and everyone.

  15. That chocolate set is so beautiful, you could serve water and it would taste delicious! This is such a charming post with all of the lovely Irish gifts you have received (and your mother is so cute!!)

    Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

  16. This is absolutely beautiful china. I am afraid I am jealous! LOL!

  17. Your mother is not only beautiful, but very generous, too. Love your chocolate set, Lori!
    Just so pretty and delicate.

    Give Eisenhower a belated birthday hug from us, ok?

    I am going to try your family's fried meat pie. My grandmother made those and my dad has fond memories of them as a child. Thanks for the recipe.

    Happy St. Paddy's Day - from one Irish gal to another.


  18. Oh, Lori! This is such a lovely tablescape with your beautiful Irish keepsakes... the china, the cloth, and the book! What special treasures those are, and of course, it's nice to see your greatest Irish treasure... your sweet mom. A diamond? Hmmm... I'll have to think about that one. LOL!

    I enjoyed this very much. Thank you for sharing with us and for visiting me. I loved reading your sweet comments. I am a bit behind because of workmen AND my server acting up, but I wanted to be sure and get by here on St. Patrick's Day to wish you a happy one.

    Erin go braugh!


    Sheila :-)

  19. What an adorable set! The tablecloth is extravaganza! Love it the most.

    Happy TS...

    Greetings from Stockholm,

  20. Beautiful chocolate set, Lori. The tablecloth is indeed exquisite.

  21. Your chocolate set is so pretty.....would love to see it in person. The fact that it came with six cups and saucers is wonderful, and it will most certainly be a treasure to pass down through the coming years. Your photographs of Ireland were so enthralling and I enjoyed my visit.

  22. What a beautiful tea set that is. I enjoyed reading your post.

  23. The set is just lovely, as is your mom! Blessings!
    Thanks for joining my annual blog crawl!


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