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All We Are Missing Are The Birds......!

 Our spring break weather could not have been nicer.
It allowed for plenty of time to do things outside,
as well as opening the windows to let in the fresh air.
It made me want to "Springify" my house.
It made me want to set a "Springarific" tablescape.
It made me want to make "Springtaculous" treats.
So I did.
Two kinds.
 I simply used pretzels and coconut, covered in chocolate
to make two kinds...
and sizes...
of birds nests.
I then added candy eggs.
 Springtaculously easy as well!

 I used my tablespoon measuring spoon to make a little round groove in each nest.
But I found it was just a smite too big for the small nests,
so I switched to the half tablespoon size.
Perfect little wells in the small nests!
 I have no measurements to share.
I simply used half my bag of chocolate melts and melted them.
To that I added probably half the bag of coconut.
I wanted it to be so that it was not runny...but I also
wanted it thick enough to be able to form into nests.
I dropped big spoonfulls of the coconut/chocolate mixture
onto foil (because I was out of wax paper).
I then went back through and made my nest wells.
Then I put my candy eggs inside each nest.

 For the pretzels, I did the exact same thing.
I wanted my pretzel nests to be bigger, and using
the pretzels and chocolate allowed that.
I just kept forming the pretzels into a nest look
with my hands until I was satisfied.
 I then added the eggs to the pretzel nests as well.

Come back tomorrow for my springfabulous tablescape
featuring my springalicous nests!
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  1. Oh! How wonderful!

    I am your newest follower!

  2. We made the pretzel nests this afternoon! It was fun but messy! LOL!
    Thank you for this!

  3. I have a similar recipe and it calls for Chinese noodles instead of pretzels. I like the pretzels. Yours turned out so cute:)

  4. These look great! Bird nests are on my list for Easter treats too.

    I'd like to invite you to share this recipe on my linky, Sweet Tooth Friday. I hope to see you there. http://alli-n-son.com/2011/03/24/chocolate-donuts/

  5. WOW these look wonderful! We are having a CHOCOLATE... CHOCOLATE... and MORE CHOCOLATE linky party over at THIS WEEK'S CRAVINGS! We would LOVE for you to link up your chocolate recipe.. it's gonna be a really SWEET week, we hope you stop by and link up!


  6. Yummy and so clever! The combination of chocolate and pretzels are making my mouth water. Wouldn't these look so cute on an Easter brunch table?

  7. These are so cute and so creative! :) Thanks for sharing.


  8. How cute. Thanks for sharing these at WUW.


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