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Geaux Gawdy or Go Home!

Mardi Gras!!

Mardi Gras....The only time you can discard the old maxim
"Less is more".
With a Mardi Gras table you know that
"More is more"!!!!

Using the colors of Mardi Gras, purple, gold and green,
I set the table full of objects you might actually
see if you were at the
Fat Tuesday parade.

I used a green base plate that I have had for years...and years.
I got about 10 of them for a dollar a piece at Wal-Mart
during a clearance sale.
I topped it with a multi-colored bullseye plate,
and topped it with a purple flower-shaped plate.
The bullseye plate and flower plate are from Pier 1 clearance and were $1.99 and less.

I used gold candles I bought on clearance after Thanksgiving, along with masks and beads I got at the Dollar Store.
I also used a purple boa to go down the middle of the table.

I put the small candle holders in boa and then covered
them with the masks.

For the placemats I used purple foam board. Then I put
purple tulle under the green plate.
There was no arranging, I just bunched it up.
I had the purple tulle in the scrap pile of material.
It was already wrinkled up, so scrunching it
under the plate, not only worked, it made the
wrinkle problem end up being no problem!

The $1.99 bullseye plates.

The $1.00 clearance Wal-Mart plates.

The $1.29 cute little flower plate.

Beads, boas, bling and masks...
Almost like being in New Orleans!

I used gold glittery votive candles I picked up at
Tuesday Morning.
I use these at Christmas and Thanksgiving as well.

The glassware is another after-Thanksgiving special.
It is the Better Homes and Garden line from Wal-Mart.
I got both green (as shown) and gold ones.
Who says those are only fall colors!!???
I added my green linen napkin to the goblet.

All the masks are from the Dollar Store.
The metalic ones were six for $1.
The feathered ones were quite large and $1 a piece.

The table "runner" is actually a scarf from my 
daughter's wardrobe.
She walked in wearing it one night and
I asked her to leave it with me for my tablescape!

I got these ornate gold candles to use for my 
son's wedding.
They were....(are you tired of hearing this?)...also on clearance at Hobby Lobby.
They are so ugly that they are almost cute.
Perfect for Mardi Gras! 

Another parade touch....
Gold coins...

The placemats I used were actually
purple foam craft mats. They were
very big and 79 cents a piece,
as you can see in the pic.
They come in all colors and work perfectly for placemats.

Like I said..."More is more..."

Geaux Gawdy or go home!

Laissez les bons temps rouler!
(Let the good times roll!)

And one more thing...yes, I know I did not have flatware on the table. I had gone to my mom's house to borrow
gold chargers and gold flatware.
Then I left and forgot the things I went for!
So, I did not want to use my silver flatware on the table..
and hence the purple tulle for chargers!
I have linked this with Susan at Between Naps on the Porch.


  1. How beautiful! We were thinking along the same lines ... I posted a Mardi Gras tablescape too. Great minds must think alike.

    Best and God bless,


  2. Wow Lori, what a great party table! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Your table is so glittery, colorful, and beautiful...and such BARGAINS!! Looks like party to me!!!!


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