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You can sit at my table, You can use the red plate.....

You can sit at my table
You can use the red plate.
You can eat all the cupcakes
While we celebrate.

It's the word doctor's birthday
So join with me..
For the dots, stripes and colors
And fun you will see!......(me)

It was Dr. Seuss's birthday this week
So as an English teacher I thought it would be great if I made my tablescape to celebrate the doctor of words!

 "From there to here, and here to there,
funny things are everywhere."   Dr. Seuss

                            ""If you never did, you should. 
                    These things are fun, and fun is good."---Dr. Seuss

                                 Yes I love the color red
                               Blue and yellow like I said. 

                                  Do I love a polka dot?
                                   Love it, love it, love a lot!

Won't you come and be my guest?
I think you are the very best.

Suckers! Cupcakes! Oh how fun
Something good for everyone!

One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish...
One dish, two dish, red dish, blue dish....

                                 Words on the table.

                                 Words by the plate.
                                  Words all around
                                  Will make it great.

                     I think I can say that the table is busy
                      Maybe that's why I'm feeling dizzy!


It might be busy and dizzy too
But it makes me smile to share it with you.



                             Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!
I am linking to: Between Naps on the Porch
for Tablescape Thursday.  Go by and see all the great tablescapes that are shown each week.

The Seussical Table:
Red dishes: JC Penney's
Blue Plates: Target (dollar bin)
Cupcake holder: Walmart
Seuss buttons: Target
Blue placemats: Walmart
Fish table runner: Pottery Barn
Red and white bowls: Pier 1 and Ross for Less
Red napkins: Target (dollar bin)
Plastic words: Dollar Tree
Polka Dot Glasses: Celebrations, Cleveland OK


  1. This is great! I love how fun everything is. Perfect for this fun new holiday! Great job!


  2. Very cute! I love Dr. Seuss!

  3. Oh, what fun! We've been celebrating this week at our school with Hat Day, Green Eggs and Ham for breakfast, Crazy socks, and red/blue day for One Fish, Two Fish...

    Thanks for sharing! ♥♪

  4. This is very creative and colorful! I just love it! Beautiful!

  5. aww ,thanks for inviting me:-) Sittin right down and puttin 2 cupcakes on my red plate. This is so much fun~!
    Thanks for visiting my blog and for sharing your colorful, festive party with all of us.
    ~ Sonny ~

  6. Where in the world do you store all your stuff?
    Its an awesome tablescape, come see me and help me re-decorate!!

  7. Anonymous3/04/2010

    Well could that be any cuter??? I think I hear Better Homes & Gardens calling!!


  8. Very adorable, very cleverly presented to! Love the bright, fun colors and you can't go wrong with Dr. Suess, whether you're 5 or 105! Had a fun visit here! Thank you!

  9. Perfect! I'm so glad I stopped in for a visit! This is the type of tablescape that makes my heart sing! I love it!!! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Any kid, young or old, would love that table! Great job...

  11. What an adorable table! I love all the bright colors, your clever verses and all the things relating to the Dr. I bet you are an amazing teacher as well. Thanks for sharing this bit of whimsy with us!

  12. The all around tablescaping. Awesome...

  13. So so much fun! Thanks for sharing. It's a pleasure to meet you.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  14. Just so cute. From child to adult, I think everyone would be delighted to be a guest at your table.
    Beckie in Brentwood, TN

  15. What a fun, delightful tablescape! I also love how you made your comments rhyme.

  16. How very creative! LOVE IT!

  17. As a lover of words and colors, your tablescape brought much joy on a Saturday afternoon. Thank you!

  18. I love Dr. Seuss and this is so fun and bright and cheery!

  19. Oh I'm going to have to share this with my fellow teachers! Great tablescape!!!!!


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