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It's Spring Break

It's Spring Break!!  (insert cartwheels here!).  I am off for the entire week.  My list of "To Do's" is L0000000000000000NNNNNNNGGGGGG!  But just thinking of an entire week off makes me happy.

Plus, some of my own "chickies" are home or will come home.  Yesterday we had a Sunday dinner with four of the "chickadees" and extras.  It is so nice to have boys back in the house again for an entire week. It's even better when they all get here at one time. That is hard to do with five young adults all going five different directions.

It's Spring Break and it feels great!

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  1. Anonymous3/15/2010

    Yaaaaaaaayyyyy! I hope you have great weather for your break! I think teachers look more forward to the spring break than the kids...LOL! Just enjoy it. Thanks for your comment on my dining room. I guess my new nickname is Midas!



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