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when I was making the (giant!) rainbow cake, I decided since I already had a huge mess in the kitchen, I might as well try to make some rainbow cupcakes.

After all, it was St. Patty's Day and we were going to have some 'wee' ones at our party!
I am getting a little ahead of myself in the telling of the Groovalicious cupcakes, but I just wanted you to see how happy the 'wee' ones were with their special St. Patricks Day treat!
OK....back to the baking of those cupcakes. Like I said, the kitchen was already a wreck from the giant cake. (Pictured here in case you missed it. I blogged about it a few days ago).

  I used the same bowls as I had used for the cake.  I used one white cake mix and made it according to directions. I then divided it up into the six bowls and used the same gel food coloring.

  And like the cake, I started the 'rainbow stack' from the bottom up.  So on the bottom of the cake went the indigo, then the blue, then the green, yellow, orange and finishing with red.  I used probably a half of teaspoon to full teaspoon of the batter in each color, in each cupcake liner.

 The cupcakes were absolutely gorgeous when they were baking. These pictures are the true colors that the cupcakes actually were.

One cake mix made 13 cupcakes.  I would have settled for the even dozen, but my cupcake holder I had planned to use held a Baker's dozen, so I needed to make 13 cupcakes.

 I actually used my finger to spread out the batter on each layer so that the cupcakes would appear 'layered'
and not just 'blobbed'.  I wet the tip of my finger between layers.  THAT is the secret!

This little 'making the groovalicious cupcakes' idea seemed to take F-O-R-E-V-E-R!!  I also transported these cupcakes the same 50+ miles.  (My little cupcake holder bounced and boinged the entire way!)
Oh my it was worth it!!!
  Are those not just wonderful?????  My little niece (pictured above proudly holding her cut-open cupcake) has already assured me she is having these for her next birthday!!  (That my friends is a COMPLIMENT!)
 Even the liners were beautiful and groovalicious!  My niece creatively collected the cupcake liners and glued them to white paper, drew stems and leaves on them, and created her own cupcake-liner-flower-garden.  I wish I would have taken a picture of her creation.  It was GREAT!!
 They all looked just like this inside. Every single one of them. They were topped with Buttercream icing and rainbow colored sprinkles.
 With the Buttercream icing, they tasted as good as they looked.
 I am rested and ready to make them again. 

Because they really are GROOVALICIOUS!!


  1. I was very impressed with your rainbow cake when I saw it the other day. These cute cupcakes are so cool, reminds me of tie-died t-shirts. I need one of those cupcake holders!


  2. Anonymous3/23/2010

    I stinkin love these!!!!! You need to make that cake a part of your header!! And yes Sherwin Williams does love me, I think I keep them in business:)


  3. Your cake and your cupcakes are just beautiful!

  4. Well-You are right--It looks like a gigantic effort and mess, but SOOO cute!! Groovy :) This would be perfect for a '60's theme party!

  5. They are delicious aren't they! We posted the same thing this week. I saw them in Family Fun magazine, but I saw your cake first and I just loved it. All my kids flipped over them (even the picky 17 yr. old).

  6. Saw your cake, love the small version too!

  7. I love the swirls of color. Plus, it looks like you had a rainbow of a time with all of the smiles.

  8. What a fun thing to do and it looks like they were well recieved :)

    Thanks faor sharing with us!


  9. Wow! They are so beautiful! I just love them! How creative! Have a great weekend! Thanks for sharing! Sherri : )


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