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Welcome to my CARROT TOPS tablescape.  Perfect for an Easter Brunch.

I found a packet of plastic carrots at the dollar store, then another packet, then the big bat/carrots at Wal-Mart.  I had $3 dollars worth of carrots and the decorating was on!

 The carrots on the left were going to become napkin ring/place card holders.  The clear carrots would become 'ice cubes'.  The cute bunny napkin rings were cute too, but I was going carrots!

 I glue-gunned a carrot to the white wicker napkin ring. I used the minimal amount possible, so it would not harm the napkin ring.

And there they are.  The carrot tops had tops that I could slip the name cards right into.  See if you can tell by the next photo.

   And my centerpiece with my $1 carrot/baseball bats that I stained earlier in the week.  I already had the paper mache' bunny (90% off after Easter last year). I left it in its natural look. I put it in a basket I already had with greenery I already had. Then I added the giant carrots. CUUUUUTTTE!

  My other set of $1 carrots had to be used somewhere, but I could not figure out where to put them.  If you will look in the photo above you may be able to figure it out. If not, look below.

  They became giant ice cubes....And they really work!  The top comes off, fill it with water, freeze it and put it in the glass.  Make sure you serve a clear drink so you get the full affect!  (And tell people to take small sips.  I would hate to have a carrot-ice-cube injury!)  My other idea was to make them into salt and pepper shakers.

   My other "Cheap-ola" idea was to use artificial turf as the placemats. (After all, I was using all carrots and they grow outside around 'grass'....And bunnies like grass........

I bought a 12 inch wide piece of artificial turf at Lowe's and cut it into four 'placemats. Super easy. Super cheap, $2.38. I think I am going to look for 'field turf' that they put on football fields.  That is a little longer and I think it would be great. (I'm thinking football season, a golf table, hmmmmm the possibilities are endless!)

  I got the little blue and carrot plates and the carrot plates at Tuesday Morning.  The blue and carrot plates (with a wavy edge) were $1.99.  The carrot plates were $2.50.  I put them on two different sets of white dishes I already had.  Since I was mixing and matching the two carrot plates, I thought I would also mix and match the dinner plates.

 My final idea for decorating on the cheap was a piece of cream colored burlap.  I bought two yards of it, folded it and used it for a table runner.  The texture and color were perfect.

  By using some of the dishes and glasses I already had and adding in $20 worth of carrot props (and 'grass' placemats), I am ready for an Easter brunch.  And if we're having an Easter Brunch with carrots all over the table, then we MUST have Carrot Cake.  So, I made it into giant Carrot Muffins!

                                     Have a very blessed Easter!

I have linked with Susan at Between Naps on the Porch.  Enjoy all the beautiful ideas.


  1. What an adorable tablescape. Love all of creative ways with your carrots. I particularly love the napkin rings and I've got to get my hands on some turf. I've seen some amazing things done with it.

    Thank you for coming to visit my blog and all of your kind comments.

    - The Tablescaper

  2. Hi Lori,
    Your carrot tablescape is fabulous! All the elements work together so well.

    Smiles & Blessings,

  3. Clever, cleaver, clever. I love the napkin rings you created and the carrot ice cube is hilariously wonderful. I did a bunny table - you did carrots, what a combo we'd have together! I reallly enjoyed your post.

  4. How creative and what a great take on the Easter theme! I've used a doormat that looks like grass for chargers before and it really adds a different look to the table. Have a great Easter!

  5. So cute! I love the placemat idea. Your plates are beautiful!

    thanks for visiting my blog!! Hope you'll come back sometime.

  6. Love the idea of the placemats. Plates are adorable, thanks for letting us know where you purchase your things....definitaly a shopping trip for me!

  7. Your table is just adorable! I especially love how creative your napkin rings are. What a great idea! Happy Easter, Anita

  8. I love your festive table...those napkin rings are adorable.

  9. A lot of creative ideas. Looks happy and very Easter.

    Wish you a happy Easter.

  10. You are so clever! The table is just darling, and my favorites are the cute napkin rings!

  11. This turned out sooo cute ... The little napkin rings were adorable! and the bats turned centerpiece were a wonderful idea!

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  13. Wow, So cute. I love your dish.


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