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Santa Baby....

Every single year when we haul out the crates and crates of Christmas decor, I am excited to see things that I had forgotten about. This little cookie jar though, is a jewel in my collection, and I never forget about him.
He was given to my husband when he was
in his early teens
by his girlfriend at the time.
See the glitter name on the top?
And, not only did she put the name on the top,
but at the time she gave him the cookie jar,
it was filled with homemade cookies.
My husband remembers it well.
And, let's just say the cookie jar is now officially "old"!!
It is plastic, in perfect condition,
and oh-so-cool!
I love getting the cookie jar out each year and
filling him up once again
with Christmas treats.
I love decorations that come with their
own special story.
Last year my husband saw
the girl that gave him this present
at a funeral.
He told her that we still have the cookie jar
and that I love it.
I found her on FB and sent
her the above pic.
She wrote back that she and her mom (the cookie-maker)
both got tears in their eyes
that I would keep it and
treasure it so much!
Oh, Christmas!!!

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  1. Anonymous12/02/2010

    Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar? Lori stole the cookie from . . . .
    Oh, well. You know where that's heading. She might have given him the jar, but you got the cookie. LOL!


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