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Creating Munchies and Memories........

 When it comes to making Christmas cookies at our house, it takes everyone. Even if you are only 6. (Notice Caroline had to put the 6 with her name!)

 It is important to let your inner decorator out. Only one rule: Just have fun!

 On the Sunday afternoon we set aside for heavy-duty baking, we gather up the supplies. Everyone gets to make their favorite recipes. The ingredients and cookbooks are on hand and just waiting to be made into yumminess.

  Lots of chocolate dipped balls! Cake balls, peanut-butter balls, cookie dough truffles, oreo balls.........

 All hands are called in for the afternoon. No matter the age. No matter if they live at the house or away, no matter if they want their picture taken...or LOVE having their picture taken. All that counts is that you come ready to create and bake. 

  Platters slowly start to fill up with goodies. 

 Multiple recipes created at one time.

 Until finally everyone is worn out. Everyone is on a sugar high. But most importantly, there are enough goodies that each person gets to take home LOTS!

A December afternoon spent creating goodies
for Christmas.
A December afternoon creating memories
for a lifetime.


  1. Anonymous12/13/2010

    I think you are amazing. I have never seen anybody knock out a recipe like you do! I mean, c'mon...you made all those in one day???? I wish we lived by each other, we would have so much fun. I have to warn you though, I'm kind of a messy baker:)


  2. ♫ Oh what fun it is to bake ♫!
    This looks like so much fun, Lori! Do you have all your Christmas recipes posted somewhere? Gotta find me some girls and try it.


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