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The Elf on the Shelf.....er, Cake!!!!

Sometimes we need not look any further than our own imaginations...and pantry...to come up with a quick and easy dessert........But the secret is......everyone thinks it took a lot of time!

Such is the case of the Elf on the shelf cake!

All it took was two cake mixes, some food dye, some homemade icing and a cute little hungry elf!

 And it helped that the elf could also hold his own fork!

 Of course, Tiny Elf also brought his friends along that wanted to eat too.....
 So when we cut into the cake, this is what we found!
Four layers of Christmas delight!!!!
 All created with two white cake mixes and some red and green (gel) dye....And of course four round pans!
 I always add almond flavoring to the (white) cake mixes and make homemade buttercream icing...
 That's what makes Tiny Elf so hungry....
 You have to admit it looks like a lot of time was spent on this dessert...
 Very quickly though, all this loveliness becomes...
But that is exactly why it was made!

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  1. Your cake looks so festive and I was surprised at how easy it was. No surprise why your elf won't let go of that fork.


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