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O Christmas Tree (says the Rebel)

My Christmas tree does not seem to follow the current trend. It is not monochromatic. It is not designer-worthy. The (many, many) ornaments are hung anywhere I could find a spot. (No symmetry here!). There is no theme...(unless you count family and love and the theme!)

Yet each year I cannot wait to get the tree ready and the ornaments out of storage. It takes me several hours to decorate the main tree, and I do every single light and ornament all by myself.
Unless you count Abraham.  He's pretty good help. He loves to pick any ornament up that I drop....and chew it before he (begrudgingly) gives it back to me!

Every year when I get the ornaments out I get to take a trip
down the memory lane of my little family. 
It is a sweet and wonderful trip.
As the children or husband walk in or through the room
I pass along the story of this ornament or 
that ornament. I ask them if they remember.
Most of the times they do. 
But they usually aren't all choked up about it like I am ! ha!
The ornament above was made by my daughter Taylor.
I gave her the idea and she ran with it.
I love it.
She made 12 of them and gave them away.
I was a lucky recipient.
Peace On Earth. 


This  little plastic snowflake is hands-down my favorite ornament.
My 5 children are ages 1 thru 8 in this picture.
8,7,5,2,1 to be exact. 
I had a class I was taking in Tulsa and the seven of us drove to Tulsa together. He dropped me off at class and was left alone with the five children.
On his own, (!!!!), without any prodding,
TOTALLY his idea,
he took the children to 
an outdoor Santa
and had their picture made with
the jolly old guy.
Then he bought the package deal
and had it made into an ornament for me.
When they picked me up from class
the kids had a package for me.
I opened it up and
found this.
I knew then I would love it
as much as anything he could ever give me.
 I get choked up just typing this!!
Their ages now
28, 27, 25, 22, 21.
 Time flies. Really.

The tree is also full of lots of variations of two of my favorite things: Santa Clauses and The University of Oklahoma!

This Santa is an Oklahoma Santa.
His coat is painted with Oklahoma symbols.
I got this on Oklahoma's 100th birthday.
We are a young state.

The Nativity we bought my youngest
played Baby Jesus
in the Christmas Pageant.
It says 1989 on the back.
Luke was a very good Baby Jesus.
He never let out a peep!
I made the Santa for an ornament exchange on year.
I always keep one for myself. 
I think this one is circa 1991.
Santa and Baby Jesus. Christmas smiles.
Pike's Peak when my son Coulter played football against
The Air Force Academy.
The redbird is my grandparents.
The snowman is our snowy Kansas years.
Coulter and Luke had the same first grade teacher.
Aren't these the best gifts she had her class make?
I smile every year I unwrap these.
Thank you Mrs.Teacher.

My oldest, Fielding Jourdan, circa 1982.
The only year he had Christmas without brothers or sisters!
I love this picture.
I also see my collie Charlie in this picture.
I had a collie dog for 15 years when I was growing up.
Now Fielding has a dog named Charlie!

I love all the BELIEVE signs that come out at Christmas.
I just hope we BELIEVE all throughout the year.
The Santa football player represents the
years and years we (LOVED) spending at 
ballgames with the children.

My blonde-headed daughter was an 
energetic cheerleader
for years
in high school and college. 
Rah Rah Annabelle!
Another football. One of many!
This Santa says "Merry Christmas Y'all"....so Oklahoman!
The little red and white flat postcard ornaments
that have been in many of the pictures 
are from 
Nell Hill's. 
She has wonderful ornaments.  And the best part is they are affordable!
 I got this ornament the year
we moved back to Oklahoma
after being gone over 17 years.
It's good to be home.
You know you belong to the land....
No explanation needed. Just SO true!

The little girl in the rocker with the cat is another
hubby special.
He picked me up at work when we were in college
and had this for me.
The little figures in the beds I got in Switzerland.
The popcorn garland is plastic. And cute.
And has been on my tree every single year for 32 years!
The candy garland has also been on my tree
every year 
for the past 
32 years.
Every single year I add new ornaments to the tree,
representing what has gone on in the life of our family.
It is a search at times to find "just the right" ornament.
This little patrolman ornament represents my grandfather
who was in the first graduating class of 
Oklahoma Highway Patrol.
Although if you ask my husband,
he would say it represents 
my need for speed and the subsequent problems with that! ha!
Here is a close-up of those Nell Hill ornaments. Cuteness.
Why look. If you look closely, you see little Abe right there
on the tree! Of course I have ornaments representing
each of our pets! 
They are family too!

like love to sit at night in the dark and look at the lights on the tree.

Abe recruited help. Boomer found an empty box.
Every single year I think the tree is the prettiest one I have ever seen.
I hope I always think that!
P.S. Yes, I did straighten the leaning Santa on the top.
I hope you enjoyed my tree that is 
....Just decorated with lots of love.
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  1. Anonymous12/06/2010

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  2. Hi Lori,
    Know wonder you love decorating your tree so much. Your home sounds like a wonderful place to be at Christmas.
    I loved the story about your son and the blankets. I was thinking awwww while I was reading, and then you said you had the same feeling.
    Those boys can be so special when they want to be.

  3. Well, if your tree isn't en vogue, then neither is mine, lol! It's beautiful! I've said it before but... a tree full of memories is better than one full of ornaments. It's gorgeous!

  4. I think your tree is fantastic! Full of love and memories, perfect! PS. Love the names of your children! :)

  5. Anonymous12/10/2010

    Adorable! I am your newest follower!

  6. Lovin' your tree! I do what you do, just add what makes you happy-enjoy:@)

  7. I LOVE the theme of your tree! It's the same theme as my tree!!! LOL! I've added little trees throught the house to add in the theme concept. Thanks so much for sharing your tree with Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  8. What a charming tree, so full of memories and accomplishments. You have a real treasure there.


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