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Jewel of a Table

On one of my Thanksgiving tables I mixed the old with the new. By that I mean the very old with the very new!
And I am so happy with the results.

My mom had given me her set of Jewel Tea china. It is well over 100 pieces. I had loved it forever and had always thought how pretty it would look in the fall.
I paired it with salad plates from the Better Home and Garden collection, which can be found at Wal-Mart. By the time I bought them they were $2 a piece. Not bad for such cute little plates! I also bought the tablecloth from the collection and the four napkins they had left. (Yes, I got these all on sale as well.)
The leaf napkin rings I bought at JCPenney's for 90% off a few years ago.  I got the leaf placemats at Ross for Less. I bought the "jeweled tone (get it, jewel tone, Jewel Tea???) pumpkins at Hobby Lobby two days before Thanksgiving at 90% off as well.
The town we lived in for so long in Kansas is known as the "Town of Beautiful Maples".  Because of that I am a little biased towards leaves in the fall. I think when decorating with them that my children will always think of the town where they grew up. When I combined all my leaves, they all seemed made for each other!
Here is a shot of the BHG plate. The Jewel Tea is under it. I used the Jewel Tea bowls, salad plates, dessert plates, pot holders, casserole dishes, and serving pieces as well. They just are not pictured.
I put brown chargers under the plates, but I had taken some of the pictures before I remembered my brown chargers!
I added the leaf placemats on top of the leaf tablecloth.  Maybe I should set this up outside next year...under the leaves!!

Here is a close-up of the Jewel Tea plate. Simple and beautiful. I need to show the entire collection some time.
Luckily, none of my other siblings saw the 'beauty' in the dishes!
I had one extra BHG plate, so I put it on the dessert buffet as decoration.
The Jewel Tea dishes are from the 1930's.
The BHG dishes are from this year.
Combined they made a jewel of a table!
Join me and at Susan's blog for other lovely tablescapes.


  1. Such a lovely fall tablescape, looks very pretty.
    and your desserts look lovely too...
    Very pretty plates and like the leaf placemats as well.
    Blessings, Nellie

  2. What a beautiful tablescape.
    You outdid yourself!

    White Spray Paint

  3. Beautiful table...I used the purple plates from WalMart last week...they didn't have any of the white or I would have bought those, too! The white ones go great with the Jewel Tea china. Thanks for sharing.


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