"I do not claim that I can tell a story as it ought to be told. I only claim to know how a story ought to be told." -Mark Twain


Tell All Tuesday

Well it is my 3rd Tell All Tuesday of 2012 and for the first time I don't have a birthday to share. Well, actually my birthday was on Friday (in case you didn't read my Saturday post), but since it was not on "Tell All Tuesday", we'll just dismiss it! BUT, I do kind of have a birth-day to talk about. Sorta.
My son sent me these pictures today.
He and his wife had a 4D sonogram done today.
Isn't it amazing what can be done now?
Of course, I think she is just beautiful!
Here I think she looks like her
Gigi (me)....
because she has her foot in her mouth!
Mine is not physical like her though!
She is due to arrive on March 23rd.
When I see pictures like this it seems 
like these last two months will 
be a LONGGGGG time coming!
She doesn't have an official name yet.
Yes, I have suggested my fair share. (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
I have suggested
Landry, Campbell, Harper, Lulu and Elizabeth.
Most of the time I just call her
(I have no doubt none of the suggestions will be used, but it is fun to just call her this
until she gets here.)
No matter what her name will be,
I cannot wait to call her "beautiful", "perfect", "adorable"....

Someone wrote and asked me if I had really
read all the books I shared.
Well, honestly, I can't say I read
those specific copies,
but I have probably read 90% of the books and stories
in other editions.
For as long as I can remember,
my mother read to me all the time
until I was able to read.
Once I began reading I have never stopped.
Whenever I find those lists,
"100 Books That Should Be Read By Everyone"
(or some such title)
I always peruse the list.
Most of the time I have read at least 90% of the list.
You have to remember that not only do I love to read myself,
but I also teach literature.
I always make sure I teach at least two "classic" novels,
as well as two "contemporary" novels per school year.
Then we also read many, many short stories.
And, as I said, I reread books all the time.
I am just weird that way.
Anytime you have a good book that you think
I need to read, by all means let me know.
And in the same regard, if you want to know about a book
I can probably help you with that too!

Someone else wrote and scolded me
for not responding to my messages.
I totally agree.
I need to begin doing that.
That got added to my resolution of
"being a better blogger".
I will begin doing that.
The main problem has been that I read so 
much of the blogs I follow
as well as my own messages,
on my phone.
I will be the first to tell you 
I will write a whole post about it sometime.
I blame it on fat fingers.
So, I need to make a special effort to respond 
when I get home at night.
Be expecting to hear back from me
if you leave me a message.......
And if you use your real name and not Anonymous!
(Because it does not let me email back to Anonymous's)
Also, the same person told me that I misused the word
Just so you know, 
I actually meant to use that word.
In that way.
I know what it means.
It was just my little way of having a "play on words".
Guess it wasn't as clever as I thought.
I really do know my words.
I promise.
That's it for 
Tell All Tuesday today.
You can ask me anything!
(P.S. It was THE longest day today, because when I woke up 
I thought for some reason it was Saturday.  Then when I realized 
it was only Tuesday, that made for a long day! Ha and UGH!)


  1. You are going to be a "Gigi". I can't wait for the day. I am so excited for you. Well I for one know that when you leave me a comment, it always brightens my day. I hope I am always on your list of "friends".


  2. Laurie1/18/2012

    Love all the names suggested by Gigi...well, except for Lulu Lucas----maybe a nickname, perhaps? And, they might just want to save Landry for a boy! :) I'll be willing to bet there are a few (hundred) of those born around Oklahoma these days! Keep up the blogging; I'm loving it!


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