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His Name Speaks Peace......

I remember years ago the Christmas Cantata at our church had a song that repeated the words, "Peace. Peace. His name speaks peace. His name speaks peace to me." 

Each year as I set about getting my Christmas decorations out and I lift out the nativity sets this song plays over and over in my mind. After all, that is what Christmas is truly about. The Prince of Peace. His name speaks peace to me.

I have Nativity sets everywhere and I thought I would share a few (since I was remiss to do it before Christmas ....and since I am committed to a steady blog pattern!)

I have them in all shapes and sizes, expensive and dirt cheap, and from around the world. But all are priceless!

Each of them tell the story of the Savior's birth in their very own way.

I love these two. I am sure you have all seen the kneeling Santa. I LOVE the thought behind that. The other one is the Nativity from my childhood. My mom had it on the top of the TV cabinet each and every Christmas. She bought it at Ben Franklin store. It is 50 years old and holds so many memories.

Then there is this Nativity. My mom brought it back to me from Bethlehem. It is so simple and beautiful....and from Bethlehem. I keep it out on a shelf in my living room all year round. It is too beautiful in its own way to put away!  At Christmas I put it in the dining room, surrounded by an angel, a star, and the family Bible opened to Luke 2.

Whether it is Christmas time, or the second day of a new year, His name speaks peace to me.......


  1. Lovely! Thanks for sharing! Several years ago while out junkin' I found a very old nativity. The characters are made of chalk. I love to imagine where it came from and the stories it could tell!
    Drop by for a visit real soon...gift-away going on!!

  2. I bought a vintage nativity scene this year and it was by far my favorite decoration. I kinda didn't want to put it away.

  3. Dad bought all of us a nativity from Bethlehem, too, Lori. Unless They're made of olive wood--the Mount of Olives' wood, if I'm not mistaken.
    I love mine, too.
    I also have a nativity ornament from Bethlehem made of olive wood from one of my ministers years ago.
    I have Mom's kneeling Santa. I keep it out all year round as well as the snow globe nativity I gave her a few years before she died.
    Oh, the joy of growing up in a happy family!


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