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More Lipstick on that Little Piggy!

Well, she's got her 'cool' colors on now.
More like Winter White!
Since it does not look like we will be doing any 
complete remodels of the kitchen
anytime soon,
I am thinking about painting the inside of these
cabinets a lighter color.
When I do that, we'll call that 'eyeshadow'!

My sister-in-law and brother gave us this hot chocolate set 
many, many years ago
when the children were little.
Believe me when I say LOTS of
hot chocolate
has been drank out of these mugs
when the kids would come in from playing 
in the Kansas snow.
It is too cute, and has too many memories to not put out!
These cute little snowmen 
came from the Dollar Store
a couple of years ago.
They are perfect for big 
cups of soup.

What is really funny about my 
new lipstick
for this piggy,
is that here in Oklahoma
we have not even had a hint of winter
until today.
It is (kinda) cold here today,
but nothing to get too worked up about.

A few (good snow)men,
a few (snow)flakes,
her lipstick is set for a month.
Or two.
Let's just say, 
if these snowmen (and flakes!)
were outside
they'd have melted by now!

One more picture...........
I never did share her 
Christmas Red
I was taking everything down
and realized 
the lipstick had not been shared.
So I put things back in...
Let's just say
her lipstick was smudged in these pics!

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  1. Oooh how cute! Open shelving is so scary for me but I really like yours!
    Happy weekend!


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