"I do not claim that I can tell a story as it ought to be told. I only claim to know how a story ought to be told." -Mark Twain


Scientifically Speaking.........

Scientifically speaking.......
male brains and female brains are verrrrryyyyy different!
Scientifically speaking.....
male brains can sometimes
pleasantly surprise
female brains.
Such was the case when my Hubby
brought home to me
a bunch of various
science lab glassware
that was headed for the trash!
Several kinds of test tubes,
a beaker
a big measuring glass
a mortar and pestle
a cute little ridged glass jar with a black lid...

Several little chemical glass containers
with the cutest little lids.
DON'T WORRY!!  He scrubbed everything out
(wearing gloves)
long before he gave them to me!
Scientifically speaking...
my heart did a quick pitter-patter
when I saw the gifts he had brought to me.
Scientifically speaking....
my gifts were as well received
as if he had given me a
 flower bouquet....

The big measuring container, where it usually is on the hutch.

I put the 
little treasures 
throughout the house,
using them for flowers,
glass ornaments at Christmas,
in the bathroom as decoration,
or just grouped together.
Scientifically speaking 
I was as happy as I could be....
until Hubby just happened to mention....
That there were two or three
Periodic Table of Elements 
in the trash too...
but they were old...
and worn out looking...
and he didn't know if I'd like them!
Scientifically speaking....
sometimes they just don't get it!!!
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