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Hot for Holly and Mad for Plaid

Don't worry. I won't be showing Christmas much longer. Since tonight is the Twelfth Night, it is time to wrap it up!

Since many also call the sixth of January the "Feat of the Epephany" I thought it would be appropriate to feature the dining room. I actually have three sets of Christmas dishes, two which were given to me. In addition I have a set of red dishes that work with everything.

The green holly set I got at Nell Hill's in Atchison, Kansas.  I have paired it with pieces of my red dishes and various plaid accessories for the last several years. It is still one of my favorite set of dishes.

My son, Coulter, made the red toolbox for me when he was in high school. I use it all over the house for all sorts of things (well, everything EXCEPT tools!). At Christmas I like to fill it with various little things and a couple of 98 cent poinsettia's from Black Friday. (They are still going strong, by the way.)

I took some old books and wrapped them in different plaid wrapping paper and stacked them with old green covered books throughout the room. I like to put cardinals out with my Christmas dishes as well. The Merry Christmas plate is also from Nell's, many years ago. I could just kick myself for not buying at least a few more of them!

In keeping with my not-so-formal-dining-room-feeling, I like to mix and match the plaids. Not only in the decorations, but also various layerings of the dishes as well as different plaids and hollies for the napkins.

I really, really would like to have little plaid skirts for my dining room chairs for next Christmas.
Maybe I should add it to my ever-growing "to do" list!
Mary Carol (the owner of Nell's) has some wonderful little plaid skirts for her dining room.
Yes, I am jealous......

OK, just one more day of Christmas and I will quit subjecting you
to my better-late-than-never-at-least-in-my-mind-holiday-decor!
Enjoy your weekend....

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  1. I think it is so neat that you leave up your decor and celebrate the 12 days of Christmas. I still have my stuff up but wasn't aware that today was the 12th day lol. I love your red tool caddy and the cardinal perched on it...my favorite bird. It all looks lovely, thanks for sharing.


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