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Age Is Just A Number and Mine Is..................

Yesterday was my birthday. While Friday the 13th birthdays would weird some people out, I have always embraced the number 13 and the Friday's as well when they have come around. My sister's birthday is on Friday the 13th as well this year...in July. What are the chances of that?  (Cue the freaky music!)
I decided to reprint the post I wrote on my 50th birthday and add two more thoughts. I consider it an "oldie" but a goodie.

1. 50 is the new 30. At least in my rule book.

2. The older I get, the more I try to understand other people’s point(s) of view.

3. I cannot remember when I have not read at least one book per month. I hope that continues for the next 51 years as well.

4. If I never saw snow again I would truly be fine with that. Snow and cold are both four-letter words in my world.

5. I think the word “NORMAL” should be removed from all dictionaries, vocabularies and erased from people’s minds and standards.

6. I love politics but have a strong-dislike for (most) politicians.

7. I think people on chronic welfare should have to pass drug-tests before getting their benefits.

8. I believe in ghosts.

9. I believe in guardian angels. I am “living” proof! Tim thinks I’ve worn out several!!

10. I think we all meddle too much in things that are not any of our business.

11. I still get goose bumps every time I hear the Star Spangled Banner or see a flag waving in the wind. 

12. I always sing “home of the BRAVE” when I sing the Anthem. And I think of the BRAVE as I sing it. I really don’t even understand the debate over the issue…..(Sooner fans).

13. The number 13 is one of my three favorite numbers. I’m weird like that.

14. I think pedicures are a necessity. I used to work extra-duty to treat myself to pedicures. Now I treat myself to pedicures BECAUSE I have to work extra (non-paying) duty!

15. All children should be read to before Day 1 and every day thereafter.

16. This bugs me: One has to have 10 hours of Foreign Language to get a Bachelor’s degree at college but only SIX hours of English to get the same degree!

17. When a person works with young people each day they tend to stay “younger”.

18. I don’t require very much sleep. I tend to stay up very, very late. I keep thinking I will outgrow it. Not yet!!

19. If the weather was good, I would swim every single day.

20. At Parent/Teacher conferences I always start the conference with something good about the student involved. (No matter what!!!) I always have and always will. Sometimes it is near impossible too!

21. I took me way too long to accept I was going to be taller than everyone else. What a waste that I hated it for so long!

22. No matter how many times (a day) I hear, “But I don’t like to read”, it still shocks me. It’s probably the same shock they would feel if I said, “I don’t really like TV”!!!!!!!

23. I don’t really like TV much. When I do watch it, it has to be a good suspenseful mystery, college football or the cooking channel.

24. Weird and Personal Alert: I always make sure my bra and panties match and they always coordinate with what I am wearing that day!

25. I wish I had known at 25 what I have learned at 50. Youth truly is wasted on the young.

26. I love animals. I LOVE my animals. They bring a whole other dimension to our lives.

27. My great-great-grandmother got my middle name from a street in New Orleans. Then the name just kept getting passed down to each generation. (Lucky me!!)

28. I could honestly eat some kind of chocolate every single day. If that chocolate came only in the form of brownies that would be fine too.

29. I always wanted six kids. Tim wanted two. We compromised. Ha! (I like to think the various kids that have stayed at our house through the years are my number six.)

30. Cooking is a stress reliever.

31. I remember dates (birthdays, historical events) very, very well. I’ve got a little Raingirl in me I think!

32. I first met Tim when I was four years old. He was staying with Zeke, and Rusty and I had to walk down to Zeke’s house to play with him.

33. I have a grammar and/or literature textbook from my great-grandparents an all four sides. (Ferguson, Flanagan, Stogsdill and O’Connor)

34. I would like to own a book store with lots of comfy chairs and natural light. I would make home-made goodies to take into the book store each day to sell.

35. I once had a student tell Annie that he had planned to commit suicide. Then I had the class read Edgar Allan Poe stories. After that he realized other people suffered some of the same thoughts he had and it made him feel better. Now I always make sure I teach at least two Edgar Allan Poe pieces every year.

36. I miss all my grandparents more and more the older I get. 

37. I want to live to be 101.

38. I love the underdog.

39. I think Veterans should be treated by the public –and the government---like Kings (and Queens).

40. Everyone should spend time in a nursing home or a retirement home volunteering and just listening.

41. Never, ever underestimate the power of prayer. God is gracious and good.

42. I really need glasses. And a new knee. (And a facelift.)

43. I wish I had fresh flowers around me all the time.

44. Being the word aficionado that I am, I plan to put the “fun” into “funeral”. Mine will be a time of story-telling, good food and of course Boomer Sooner to send me off. 

45. I have more family than the Average Chick. I am LUCKY that way. On both sides my family members are quick to help and use their talents for each other. There are so many of us that we can do just about anything.

46. My parents were practical and wise as well as loving. They not only taught, they have shown us the true meaning of benevolence. 

47. God’s hand was clearly in the matchup of Tim and Lori. He is the practical to my emotional, the TV to my books, the steady to my waves, the laid-back to my rants, the nurturer to my soul. I am craaazzzzzy in love with that man.

48. I love my children more than life itself. 

49. I always remember my Grammie saying “Kids are goats. Children are people. Call them children not goats.” Once in a while I slip up, but I always hear her voice when I do!!

50. Going to the children’s ballgames---even in freezing snow storms, plays, band concerts (even when they could barely play), vocal concerts, church pageants, teas, science fairs, camps, conferences and sleep-overs have been the best days of my life.

51. I truly believe that God gives us signs when we ask for them...(or sometimes even when we don't).  In the same regard, on days that are special to me, or if I have something 'big' going on in my life, I almost always spot a redbird. Or a redbird pair. Yesterday I saw a pair. Sitting on my fence. I took that to mean, "Happy Birthday Lori...We are still watching you. Love Grammie and Pop"

52. I wonder at times if we are going to 'out-smart' ourselves?  As a society, we embrace each new leap of technology (myself included!!), but at what cost?  Did we ever think that we wouldn't need film for cameras? A voice on the other end of the (customer-related) phone? Books and magazines and newspapers to hold in our hands? Teachers in the classroom? Cookbooks? Dictionaries? Maps?.......How long is the list? And the people that (use to) do those services?

Well that's the list until next January 13th.  Can you relate to any of them? 


  1. I hope you had a very happy birthday, and many more. I love your blog!! You have a beautiful family and home.

  2. I can relate to MOST of them! I enjoyed this so much. It made it worth it that I couldn't sleep and got up early this morning.

    I laughed right out loud at #42. I just turned 50, and I noticed saggy eyelids the very next day. I decided to exercise them more by twinkling.


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