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Smothered Steak

It might be hard to tell from this picture,
but this is one of the most
delicious meals
you can make.
Not only that,
it is ULTRA easy to make.
You begin with
what we call (in Oklahoma)
"round steak".
It is like an upgrade to a 
cube steak (which would also work),
or a tenderized sirloin.
Maybe even a tenderized flank 
would work.
Simply cut it into individual portions.
Dredge it in flour.
Melt enough Crisco to cover the bottom
of your skillet.
When the Crisco is melted,
put your steak in to lightly brown.
You can see from the picture above
that I pile it in the skillet.
I take it out of the skillet when it is 
only lightly browned on each side.
As you can see in the picture above....and yes 
I realize it is not a very appetizing picture,
but just hang with me!
I usually have at least two or three
skillets full to brown.
I just pile the semi-browned steak
on a plate
until I have it all browned.
I pile all the steak I am cooking 
into the skillet
I just used to brown the meat.
(By this time there should be no Crisco left).
I will have at two layers
(or a little more)
of meat.
Before I put on the second layer of meat,
I spice the meat up.
Personally I use pepper, garlic salt and onion salt.
I also put one can of Cream of Mushroom
on top of the first layer.
I then put on the second layer of meat
and do the exact same thing.
Then the last step is to add
a soup can full (or even a little more)
of milk.
OR you can use water and get the same results. 
Put it on a burner at medium heat.
Cover it (as in the picture above this),
and let it slowly cook.
Make sure it does not do a slow burn.
Watch the bottom layer.
You might have to move it around.
I have even turned it over on occasion.
You know your own stove.
Just watch it to make sure it does not burn.
It should begin to look like the picture above
as it makes its own gravy.
Depending on your stove 
and the amount of meat you are cooking,
it should take from 35-45 minutes.
If you have cooked it slowly,
you honestly do not even need a knife.
I realize that it does not look 
very appetizing in the pictures,
but I promise it is delicious.
My family loves it with mashed potatoes,
as it makes such a good rich gravy.
Not only that, but you can prepare
the steak exactly as described,
and put it in the oven to bake
with the same results.
Watch your steak in the oven as well
and make sure you do not run out of liquid 
and burn it!
And, just to cover every single base....
yes, you can prepare it just as described
but put it in a crock pot.
No matter which way you cook it
the results are the same. 
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  1. One thing I learned long ago is that food doesn't have to be "pretty" to be amazingly good. I make pork chops in a very similar way, so I'm sure the steak would be just as delicious. I'll definitely have to give this a try!

    Newly following from Foodie Friday. Thanks for sharing the great recipe!

  2. Here's an upgrade I did last night: instead of just cream of mushroom and flour, mix golden mushroom, cream of mushroom, and a little sour cream. Pour it over round steak in a baking dish and cook for 2 hours @ 350 - delish!!!


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