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Writing on the (Bathroom) Walls!

If I have signs everywhere else, and here too,  I can't forget the bathroom.  This bathroom is just little, but the bright colors make it bold and bright.
I guess you could call it the "Oklahoma" bathroom!

 The pictures are vintage Oklahoma postcards and the poster celebrating Oklahoma's 100th birthday (from a couple of years ago.) We are a very young state!

An Oklahoma plate..

                                     or two....

Plus an antique soap carrier..or two ...or three
Lots of impact in a little, tiny bathroom.


  1. Anonymous5/13/2010

    Love the bathroom. I saw some vintage State scarves today and thought wouldn't these be cute framed. They had Oklahoma and Missouri. I might have to go back and get them. How many days ya got left till you are sprung?


  2. I am a big fan of the vintage look in a room. It just gets older and better.


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