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Using dishes of my Mother (and others) for Mother's Day

And she was fair as is the rose in May...Geoffrey Chaucer

What better way to honor Mothers than with a very feminine rose tablescape?
I also chose to use the dishes from my Mother, Grandmother and two Great-Aunts to honor their legacy on Mother's Day.
When put together they made a very beautiful tablescape.

I set the table up outside on the deck. As you can see I had "help".  Appropriately, it was Mama Cat that was watching the goings-on.
Mama Cat did not stick around for long though.  Apparently it was all too boring for her.

I used my mother's Desert Rose pattern for the tablescape. She has pieces of it that I didn't even know they made.

She has the plates, the salad plates, two sizes of bowls, the glasses, the silverware, the napkins, the tablecloth, the cups and saucers, the mugs, the salt and pepper, the coffee pitcher, creamer and sugar, and the serving bowls.

Then she has pink and clear goblets in two sizes,
and plates to match.
In addition she has cute little green dessert cups.

When I was growing up, my mother loved to go to auctions.
She is the one that gave me the "old stuff is great" bug.

When one of my Mom's aunts died, my Mom got
Desert Rose dinner plates.
After that, at an auction, she bought a
whole set of the Desert Rose.....
She now has 24 place settings!
The little green dessert cups were my grandmothers, and they fit in perfectly.
Although hard to tell here, these little
plates (and goblets) are
pink and clear.
They were my great-aunts.
One piece my Mother has that is beautiful is
a serving bowl.
I took pictures of it upside down
as well as
right side up,
to show all its beauty.
For the centerpiece I cut roses
from the rosebush and put into a hand-painted
It matched the tablescape perfectly.
I hope you enjoyed my Mother's Day tablescape
using dishes from
 my Mother,
and Great-Aunts,
as a tribute to the wonderful women that
have touched my life.
You will find more tablescapes at Susan's.
It is a true feast for the eyes.

Have a wonderful Mother's Day.


  1. Such a great tablescape. Not only is it beautiful to the eye, but to the heart as well. Lovely pieces with wonderful memories.

    - The Tablescaper

  2. That looks like a familiar back yard, Lori. The perfect place for your tablescape this week. Gorgeous dishes, too. I think Grandmother had that set.
    What a deal your mama got.
    Our mom bought an entire set of blue willow--in red. I have no idea what it's called, but it's be-youtiful!

  3. What a lovely tribute! And Wow so much of the Desert Rose. It was one of my mom's favorites though she only had a few pieces. What a lovely job you did showing it off.

  4. Lovely table. My grandmother had the same dishes. A cousin received them after she passed. Lots of good meals served on them! Dropping by from BNOTP.


  5. Hi Lori... Roses roses roses... just beautuiful!
    The green glassware is a great match to the plates! The hand painted vase is perfectly gorgeous!


  6. This tablescape is so pretty. I love the dishes and you are lucky to have so many wonderful pieces. I love how you combined items from all the important women in your life. Sweet! Happy Mother's Day.

  7. This is a very very lovely post! YOu have great pieces!!!

  8. Beautiful pink, white and green table...love that you have set it up outside. You have some fabulous pieces from your grandmother, great aunt and mother...that serving bowl is so pretty, the green dessert cups go so well.

  9. I really like your Desert Rose table. I, too, have several hand painted pieces, inherited from my grandmother a long, long, time ago. I continued collecting the pieces from a small 2nd's store in the Los Angeles area, where the dishes were originally made. Too bad this pattern is now mass produced is no longer made in the USA.

  10. Such a pretty, pretty table! I love Desert Rose, and your mom's collection is amazing! How fun that you have some many lovely dishes to play with!

  11. Everything screams Spring and feminine with roes on the china and on the table! Lovely.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  12. Wonderful! Thank you for sharing. Beautiful dishes!

  13. How beautiful..I love that pattern and you have done it up wonderfully!
    Happy Mother's Day!

  14. The perfect setting for this lovely table! Your mother's china is lovely and all the stories add so much. The tulip salt and pepper are adorable. Thanks for sharing the flipped bowl, too. Wow - all those placesetting,too. Just wonderful - THANKS FOR SHARING!

  15. The Desert Rose is beautiful. It's great to have the glasses, napkins and flatware to match!

  16. CarolynHD3/23/2012

    What a beautiful tribute to the women you honor so lovingly.

    I take a little mind-vacation while viewing your lovely site photographs. Isn't it a wonder how our minds and hearts can meet and touch over this miracle called the internet?

    Thank you for all of your posts - I am 71 years old and yet still inspired by the posts that you so generously share.


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