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Hanging on....Summer is so close!

I got to spend Mother's Day with four of my five children.  My youngest son has his college finals this week.  I told him the best Mother's Day gift I could receive is if he would stay at school and get ready for his finals. 
I got lots of great-thought-out-just-for-me gifts.  My children are good that way.  We all met and went out to eat. My husband is good that way. We spent the afternoon shopping and taking it easy. It was a very nice relaxing day.
This week I will be glad I got to relax, as we have something to do every. single. night. Two of the nights I have to drive to my parent's house and take them supper. One night we have to drive to my son's college and help him bring all his 'junk' home for the summer. One night (my husband volunteered us) we have to mow the church (very large) lawn. One night we have a graduation party and on Saturday we have a nephew's high school graduation.
In the meantime I have to keep
these crazy
high school students
interested in
We are writing poetry right now.
OH how they love it. (NOT!!!)
Plus I have to get my
finals typed up
and my grades into the computer.

summer glorious summer is
so close
I can almost taste it.
Seven more school days.

What do these cupcakes have to do with this post you may wonder?
Not a darn thing.
I made them over the weekend and they were pretty enough for pictures. And delicious too.
Sure wish I had one right now!

Hope your week is action-packed too!


  1. Anonymous5/10/2010

    Hang on girl....flip flops and lounging in the sunshine are just around the corner!!


  2. Summer is coming... even though it's windy and cold in nj I have faith it's coming ! Summer here means a WEDDING !!!! Not sure if I'm ready to have my first born married : /

    Flip flops, smoothies and lounging by the pool - it's coming !

    thanks for the cupcakes - they did look yummy !



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